Reptide Media Inc. is a digital sales firm and network that champions a portfolio of young adult and kid-friendly publishers to create buying power and offer advertisers scale. We focus on reaching College/Young Adults, Youth/Teens, and Kids/Parents. We are able to manage all aspects of ad revenue from direct sales and networks to yield management, ad operations, and even billing. We help report to our publishers to help advertisers scale and optimize their advertising programs and build win/win relationships that last.

Video for College Newspapers

Video for kid-friendly publishers Advertising & COPPA Compliant

Reptide Media offers three services for web publishers:

  1. One check/One Invoice: We can managed all display advertising and ad operations, we manage direct advertisers as well as the RTB to optimize yield e.g. networks, etc.
  2. Register Today/Run Ads Tomorrow: Display Ad Network
  3. Portfolio Publisher Partner (larger 5MM uniques/100 million imps per month).

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