10 year old doesn't want to visit dad

Re: 10 Year Old Doesnt Want to Visit with Ghost Dad Quoting momof2beauts If you only spoke to someone once or twice a year, and were expected to spend an entire month with them, I doubt you would be happy about it. I’m in a similar situation. When i told the dad about this he said he will take my son to court and the judge will make him and that hes coming to pick both boys up next weekend and will force my son to go with him. ... • She feels shame for doing things at Daddy’s that Mommy doesn’t want her to do. My five year old daughter has to spend every other weekend at her dad's 50 miles away, and quite often she simply doesn't want to go. I play with her and when we watch TV it's shows that she likes to watch. She’s adamantly refusing, and her mom and step-dad encourage her not to stay if she doesn’t want to. ... Kailyn Lowry Butts Heads with Jo After Isaac Says He Doesn't Want to Visit His Dad. I'm so fed up of trying to expla: Should I let my 17 year old son stay home alone for 10 days? In that situation, a parent likely should have stayed in control and made the visit happen. It’s time for your 9-year-old child’s weekend visit to her other parent, and, as usual, she’s dragging her feet. Avoiding Contempt When a Child Refuses to Visit with a Parent . And he tells me that he say bad word to him and yelling at him. The situation is increasingly problematic as the child approaches the age of majority (18 years old). ... DAD.info Moderator I have several years experience supporting parents in family proceedings as a McKenzie Friend I feel Im worthless to my husband of 10 years My little girl likes to spend all her time with me because she is the center of my world. They say at 11, she is old … They are now moving to FL from PA and want to stay in their new home, wanting me to come to FL (leaving my wife and step kids here) to see them for Xmas. My Child Doesn’t Want to Visit her Father. This is causing her a lot of anxiety and tears the week preceding her visit. From John G: ... Now the kids ( 9&11) do not want to travel here, they want me to come to them. Point of view from a dad who doesn't see his child. A judge won’t be swayed by one parent’s argument that a toddler refused visitation. My 11 year old daughter says she likes coming over, but does not want to spend the night. This refusal may result from alienation, anger, and sometimes fear. A parent may have a different role in making visits happen for a four-year old child versus a 14 year-old one. Custodial parents face a difficult issue when a minor child refuses to visit with the other parent. I live in Illinois and I have two daughters, age 7 and 11. Though her Daddy loves her dearly, he doesn't always want to watch the Disney channel. So pretty much out of the blue I get a letter from my ex wife and son saying he doesn't want to follow the court order and wants to pick and choose ... 12 year old son suddenly doesn't want to see me - 5 years 1 month ago #68302. “I don’t want to go!” she whines as you pack her overnight bag. He likes to watch poker and golf. “I have plans this weekend,” he … i have spoken to police but so worried. I try to be upbeat and reassuring, and there is nothing sinister for me to worry about. Kailyn and Jo aren't seeing eye to eye when it comes to co-parenting their 10-year-old son, Isaac. I reassured him that i am stopping him having contact but my 10 year old is adamant he doesn't want to see his dad. Then your 15-year-old son rolls his eyes and says he’s not going. Clingy 10 year old: Forced Adoption: 10 Year old Daughter so emotional: 11 year old doesn't want to see her dad: Unsure how often children should see their dad: 10 year old jealous of new baby, what can i do? ... My son his nine years old he does not like to go to his dad house he tells me that he put something on his drink to help him falls sleep.

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