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Adjusting Saddles On Hipshot Style Bridge Discussion in 'Hardware, Setup & Repair [BG]' started by masterbassion, Jun 20, 2007. My question is what do the 3 allen key adjustments do? Three. In this video our hero explains the ins and outs of another wonderful Hip Shot product. The Rickenbacker Replacement bridge is advertised as a drop in replacement and its design eliminates many of the concerns that I outlined above. In my opinion they neither look hi-tech nor even newfangled. In addition to what most would consider the basic adjustments (string height and intonation) they offer a very simple but effective means of adjusting spacing. I'd love to nudge my E and G a few millimeters to line up a little batter with the bridge pickup's pole pieces (where I spend most of my time) a bit better. It appears that the front 2 adjust height but I'm puzzled by the offset 3rd adjustment. Hello, I recently swapped out the factory 3-pt bridge with a Hipshot bridge. Need a minimalist bridge for your through body build or a sl That's all. Description 656 Spacing Dimensions 708 Spacing Dimensions 750 Spacing Dimensions The D Style bridge is your solution for a sleek and versatile two post bridge system. I thought the Hipshot was designed to adjust the string spacing laterally, but I can't figure out how, and can't find any instructions online. Most of my Hipshot installs are either black or black with gold accents so shiny really wouldn't apply. Jun 20, 2007. Hipshot is known for making innovative, problem solving parts for guitars and basses, and I am happy to say that this product lives up to that legacy. Hi new here so if this has been asked before, my apologies. Turning the small screws is difficult/sticky (I have the … Easily adjust the bridge height to accommodate any neck angle and lock it securely in place. Not to come off as harsh, but you have to understand that it's a dynamic system and a prescriptive method will get you into the ballpark, but it won't get you 100% of the way there - and since adjusting one thing like the string gauge, truss rod tension, bridge height, shimming the neck, etc. Jun 20, 2007 #1. masterbassion. Hipshot Rickenbacker Replacement Bridge Specs:

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