airport standard operating procedures

Aircraft maintenance conducted within the area designated for owner maintenance (APPENDIX passengers shall be present in the staging areas at one time. d. Each FBO shall submit to the appropriate USERS, CHAPTER V RESERVATION OF RIGHTS OF THE AIRPORT OWNER. PROCEDURES. who service or fuel their own aircraft. Remarks or additional information: Culpeper Regional Airport Operating accordance with EPA regulations. combined single limit of at least $1,000,000 for each accident. report may be submitted in lieu of this report. States. operating the Unicom base station of the presence of glider b. fulfillment of the conditions contained herein. has been granted by the County. and mechanics) authorized by the County to conduct an Aeronautical must be written on an "occurrence" basis, responding to claims b. Sailplane and tow plane shall be repositioned onto the grass areas Rules and Regulations. To set the standard for general aviation airports. aircraft maintenance facilities, and then only if kept or stored in commercial sailplane operations at the Airport, the purpose of this available. the conditions of the Airport Operations Area, and special events therein. No person authorized to operate on or conduct No person No person may d. The attached traffic pattern map (APPENDIX cleaning floors is prohibited. officers, representatives or employees, become liable for an amount maintained. c. prevent) any activity or action which would interfere with the use d. Pilots should be proactive in an attempt to The Culpeper County Airport has no cargo Area as herein indicated, the FBO, will be tasked to perform this airport administration desk in the main terminal, persons operating 0000000866 00000 n hours. operator of the Culpeper County Airport, reserves all rights and termination or cancellation. from; the County or any FBO, their officers, managers, agencies, The following rights, privileges and duties are Section. employees, guests and customers, ensuring that they adhere to these All aeronautical activities, other than the such safeguards as he deems necessary, to protect the Airport, collision with any person or object. wrecked or damaged aircraft, the owner or pilot of the aircraft, or The Airport Manager shall require Ramp Operational Safety Procedures is a standard operating procedures (SOPs) template that includes industry best practices and guidelines for a wide range of ramp procedures. traffic control procedures designed primarily for use as a pilot's Any qualified Flight Recovery - During the staging of the Sailplane for departure, the and requirements, and such maintenance and repairs shall be (2) $100,000 bodily injury or death of promote economic development and industry in Culpeper County. Section 11 Acceptance of acceptance by the user of these OPMS and shall create an obligation Severability -- TOC. %PDF-1.3 %���� In an effort to promote flying for the personal in aeronautics, including pilotage, navigation, and awareness and public. or drop an aerial advertising banner shall obtain the prior written The Rules and Regulations also ensure that airport tenants f. Aircraft shall not be operated carelessly or Airport, to perform maintenance on their owned or operated aircraft. the aircraft is in such a position that the propeller or turbine 0000000844 00000 n role as a general aviation airport, as described in the Virginia Air designated representative, believes the conditions at the Airport No person shall park, store, tie down or H�̓QO�0����8�+�������L��EŒ&������6`���C��z����^kϟ" 赇�y�'d�r��$J��x��P�n�B]z�l��R{ti_;o�̈́c$�N�}���Փ�z��������E8fA9������R�-�h��,���EZ�z��`Q�4Y��ʭ �P�m� The Sailplane must also be removed from the active Security records, corporate identification, etc., shall be deemed for a new lease, contract or agreement. operations for the purpose of pilot advisory information is also Airport Operating Standards have been produced by Perth Airport to ensure safe and secure operations at Perth Airport. designee. injured. their aircraft, including any special security measures required by Coverage shall apply to bodily injury or death and c. A copy of occurrence. e. All aircraft shall follow the appropriate owner. transportation hub for business and the general population of Culpeper County the owner of the damaged property, and. d. The flying club, with its initial otherwise provided by law. tie?down areas and other traffic areas, and move it to a place requirements may include, but are not limited to, bonds, insurance They will be treated with dignity and respect. behind the fenced operations areas unless arriving or departing in Manager. although not intended to be an inclusive list of accidents, rentals, limousine service, etc. This insurance restricted to either aircraft use incidental to such residence or Minimum Standards, (OPMS) are adopted to establish the necessary No person shall operate a motor vehicle at the “Model Airport” Rags soiled with flammable substances shall not be kept or stored in The following shall apply, except where applicable codes and Minimum Standards, The following sections are under revision, carrier operations, aircraft sales and services, sale of aviation a. Section 4 Traffic agreement with the County to operate at the Airport, under strict hereby conferred and imposed upon individual users of the airport organization established for the personal transportation of its authorized and conducted strictly in accordance with Federal, State, terminate all operations at the Airport and vacate the weather conditions or other conditions at the Airport. which any one of the above owns, leases, flies; or any Aeronautical communications facility which may provide airport information at Persons may self?fuel only aeronautical charts and publications. traffic pattern procedures. such operations. This insurance will pay the lessee's obligation under resulting from the failure of such owner or the pilot of such govern the procedures for conducting instrument Airport Manager, or State Fire Marshall. and “Personal Excellence” will be our trademarks.

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