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I worked at Azure Standard for less than a year. I wrote company about that, and you gues, no answer. Then they kept changing their pickup date for the original things I had intentionally ordered (even the week of "pickup" they were changing it) and my husband and I couldn't figure out how we were going to pick it up with his job and renting a Uhaul. God bless Azure! We consider every customer at Azure to be very important. It looks like there was a mix up at your drop today that the DC was attempting to track down in other drop members mistakenly picked up another customer's box and had a couple orders missing items that the DC was attempting to track down. When the covid-19 crisis hit I tried to buy food in the stores and it was unavailable in the quantity I was looking for. After finding out my order would arrive at my drop site early morning, making it very difficult for me to escape work, I called azure and asked if I can change my drop to a location where I would be able to pick it up in the evening. The morning of the drop, I receive a text from the coordinator at my original drop saying the truck driver tried to leave my order there but she reminded him I changed my drop so he placed my order back in the truck. Their customer service is some of the best in the industry. I loved the job. That's all it turned out to be. HI Kim. If you can PM us your account information, we will have one of our managers give you a call to work on a solution. Hi Sandy, we're sorry you haven't been able to get some of the items you've ordered. Like many others here, you order a product, but probably because you aren't a regular customer or ordering large amounts, they overbook, then cancel your order at the last minute. Hope this helps, sounds like you are planning a party! Cons. I love this company! I have never been charged for something I did not receive and they have never made a mistake on an order. This "farm" is ridiculous! I have been working at Azure Standard full-time for less than a year. Finding high quality, affordable organic foods isn't easy, but buying direct from Azure saves on my grocery budget. We're sorry we had to cancel your order. Always the same results. We have been ordering from Azure for years now and so appreciate their effort to deliver according to their promise. Azure Standard has a high turnover. The customer's are wonderful to work with and everyone I work with cares deeply about the customers we serve and the company. I worked at Azure Standard full-time for less than a year. The best word to describe this company would be THIEVES! Thank you for your kind review Shawn. The content delivery network from Azure, for example, allows people to load files to their website from the Azure servers. Placed an order over 6 weeks ago now, still hasn't shipped ANYTHING! We are glad our delivery and fulfillment model works for you. I have a company to run and animals to feed, and this is a joke. They also cancel ON THE DAY YOUR ORDER WAS SUPPOSED TO SHIP, so they drag it out to the last minute. Never ordering again! But if you are a responsible type of person who also is flexible, Azure standard is excellent. So no food got sent to me. Sometimes things happen, a few bad apples or a yogurt gets smashed in the box, but I don't worry about it. The atmosphere was agreeable. Hi Robert. Glassdoor has 11 Azure Standard reviews submitted anonymously by Azure Standard employees. These volunteers engage Azure to come to their communities and choose the delivery location for their drop members to pick up orders. She constantly communicated in such a way that customers frequently ended up waiting for 30 minutes for the truck (sitting in our cars), or she would suddenly say the truck was early and expect everyone to get to the drop site early. Everything has be top shelf 5 or 6 orders 350 to 700 $ each order. Azure is a shade of blue which has been associated with law, justice, and honesty. So they are just a company that sells garbage. When mistakes happen, they do their very best to assist. We would like to help you. Are you sure you want to remove this review from being featured for targeted profile? After planting in about 10 days just about 5-10% grow. I was personally ridiculed by a driver named Kevin who has a beard for wearing a mask and wanting to socially distance from him. To this day, have not received more than half of what I order. Work Hard for the public to grow organic food. Hi Wayne. Please don't reply, I'm tired of reading your lame responses. However, Azure standard still had stuff that I could order. Well, that's a tough question.can't think of any to be honest. All new vendors are required to sign a certification letter clearly stating that their natural ingredients do not contain any of the following items: Monosodium Glutamate. Placing an order and not receiving the whole order is a BIG no no in my opinion. I was there a short time but did not like the way that the Hispanic workers were told to come work weekends during busy season. So drove hours out of the way for bags of chicken feed which never made it on the truck and wound up with 12 chocolate bars that we could've got at any store locally. I cannot gamble with your companies lack of fulfilment. Let's take this month's order for example. After that I tried on different ways, longer soaking, put in trays, keep in the germination room etc. Are you sure you want to replace it? ShaCariana, I counted 98 wings in a 10 pound bag just now. I was told to go somewhere else. I have been working at Azure Standard full-time for more than 10 years. We are working with all of our suppliers to get stock in as quickly as possible. I called after several weeks and the customer service rep was no help at all and very dismissive. The culture was safety first. They are only a middle-man with a truck selling Chinese food products. Two of those times they did not show up at the drop on the day it was scheduled. I've been ordering the same case of frozen green beans since October 2019 and I still don't have it. Your mother is part of a community drop system that was established by a local resident in your community. When I got there 10 minutes later (5 minutes after the designated drop time), I found my groceries sitting in a pile on the hot asphalt in the parking lot, the ice creams all melted. I pay for organic and have high expectations. When I complained to customer service, they refunded me for the ice creams and they told the drop coordinator not to do those things in the future. Promotes clean living through food. Meanwhile I can order from Vitacost and it will be here in 5 days without fail. Everything else I ordered was sold out by the time my stop was processed. The compensation package is on the low end, however, the flexibility and telecommuting make up for some of it. Azure Standard owners took one of my company's trailers back in April 16' and are using it without my company's permission. Thank you for the kind review. In fact, they are aggressively against this type of behavior. I buy an item because it's in stock... then they go to ship my order and it disappears... every month over and over with no chance to replace that item... just poof! With the extraordinary response to the current COVID-19, we are experiencing delays and higher than normal out of stock products, which has caused us to cancel orders we have not been able to fulfill. When we order something that says its in stock, and we don't receive it, and only get a notification that you wont receive it the day before the delivery, it becomes a problem. Get your food delivered by Parcel Carrier (UPS or USPS), or through our unique delivery system of Drop Points. Azure had great products at reasonable prices. We Love Azure Standard for Quality, Affordable, Non-GMO Products, Can't Get Product While They Cancel At The Last Minute, Ordered over 6 weeks ago, still haven't shipped, can't give me an ETA, Long time to ship. Learn how to stay safe during COVID-19 in our new guide: Azure Standard allows abusive and disrespectful behavior by their drop coordinators, I can't imagine why someone would give a low rating, If you want to lose $$$ then order from Azure. Gain trust and grow your business with customer reviews. There were lots of helpful friendly team members. Wayne and Betty. We are holding orders with less than 75% fulfillment unless you ask us to release your order under the 75% fulfillment. I enjoy a flexible schedule and work remotely from home. The CEO has a heart for people, for health and for serving the community. Your response will be removed from the review – this cannot be undone. I also posted on their Instagram my problems and they told me they were deleting my comments because I was simply telling other customers that were also having problems what happened with my experience.

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