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Utilizing the limited resources that the Growing Business has in the most effective way to gain customers and business is all the key objective of any Sales Team. When asked to present their answers, most professionals unanimously chimed in with the challenges below. Being unable to meet the right stakeholders can not only extend the lead conversion cycle, but it can also affect your morale. Buyer’s Researching Capabilities – Sales have never been this difficult before. Now that the recession is here with the arrival of COVID-19, businesses are looking to cut their spending in order to alleviate total losses, avoid layoffs, and stop themselves from going out of business. The more sophisticated a product or a process, the more crucial it is to dispense and information in a way that sales reps can associate with and correctly relate to. It is well-known to everyone working in sales that capturing a prospect’s attention is difficult. An organizations’ success is very largely based on how different and better it is than its competitor while clearly being able to articulate it too. The smart approach is to implement a full compliance policy and view the new regulatory environment as an opportunity to improve your data infrastructure and show your customers that you practice diligent stewardship of their data. However, even after discounting the current way of things, salespeople usually have a long list of challenges to rise above. To be able to sell them your solutions, it is important that you ask questions to them after having listened carefully to their woes. This content should clearly articulate differentiation and value, and establish a compelling value proposition for your product. So here are the top B2B Sales Challenges in 2019, plus some tips on how to beat any challenge and end the year as MVS (Most Valuable Salesperson). Your sales colleague, on the other hand, is inundated … As mentioned before, the onboarding program won’t bear fruit if you don’t have an effective ongoing plan. Whatever challenges might exist today, the fact is that there are multiple solutions to solve them. And that’s just at home. Free Resources. The prevailing situation has left everyone scratching their heads on how the regular sales issues are going to morph in accordance with the times. Managers need to understand that improving sales productivity is a consequence of understanding that it’s not because of a lack of effort. It had remained so for the last six years and continued to be so, with the respondents stating their greatest obstacle had intensified by 5%. But if your organization has tight finances because of the prevailing condition of the market, then this is one of the biggest key sales challenges that you are likely to face this year. According to a study conducted by Ascend2, marketers claimed that generating high-quality leads was one of the toughest challenges they faced on a daily basis. B2B Data Lists Today, much of the sale happens before you even get to the first interaction. Email marketing: Once you have hooked your prospective customers with your content, you can begin rearing relations with them. Overcoming sales and marketing challenges means building relationships with your buyers and gaining trust – which is the key to success in present-day B2B sales. Building a good rapport with gatekeepers can go a long way in helping salespersons obtain appointments along with additional information about the client organization, which can then be leveraged to make a powerful and persuasive sales pitch. After recognizing the hinge, sales reps can mention the challenge associated with these events and suggest a course of action in addition to a use case that is supported by and associated with the solution’s capabilities. B2B buyers have changed. Sales Sequences Direct Dials Effective onboarding harbors a plethora of benefits, and it can reduce ramp-up time by almost 30–40%, while continuous training, on the other hand, can give rise to a 50% increase in net sales per salesperson. Always remember to use facts and figures while handling objections too. The B2B sales process has become so convoluted that 57% of sales reps expect to miss quota, according to a Salesforce study. This isn’t surprising though, as it was found out that the buying committee for B2B teams comprises an average of 6.8 people for the decision making process. You, as a salesperson, should ensure to attract qualified leads because it doesn’t make sense for you to waste your precious time on someone who isn’t willing to buy. In fact, several personal appointments and events were reported to be canceled or postponed in the months of February and March of this year. Practice empathy and don’t get frustrated when a prospect seems to drone on and on about their challenges. Takeaway: Even when AI and automation can perform a long list of tasks, the human element remains a crucial part of B2B selling. to engage each individual prospect and get them to agree to a meeting. Such tasks often require complicated logistical moves like needing to align schedules. Prospect approvals don’t mean much if they forget when the appointment due for. 2. Therefore, it takes time and a clear process to lay out how the solution meets a buyer’s need. That leaves salespeople only 34% of the time for actual selling. The best salespersons make it easy for them to schedule appointments by using appointment-scheduling tools or software. While retaining the interest of your existing customers can help you generate repeat sales, you still need to attract and acquire quality leads to meet your targets and move the business forward. Building interactive and engaging sales experiences have proven time and again to be the main differentiator that helps in conversions and in the closing of sales. The Challenge: As a B2B marketer, your primary goal is to generate qualified leads; leads that meet the criteria of an ideal buyer persona. Technology Install Base Data Doing this will also tell you which content is the most impactful so that you can overlay your content strategy with it to inform, influence, and educate future prospects better and also influence the decision-making process. 2. Attracting high-quality leads is going to get you nowhere if you can’t find the right decision-maker in a potential client’s organization. According to the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs, the global economy could shrink by 1% this year, counteracting a previous prediction of a 2.5% growth. However, it can also bring your company to its knees if you fail to protect your customers’ data or respect your prospects' privacy. Countries are grappling with a terror that has disrupted the social, economic, and industrial structures of the pre-pandemic world. Simple marketing automation and sales enablement tools are the absolute minimum. In fact, 14% of survey respondents from Richardson’s 2019 Selling Challenges Research Study, a study encapsulating the key challenges of sales professionals in today’s market, reported that gaining appointments was their biggest challenge during prospecting efforts. That might sound like a tall order, recognizing the need for change and making measured, incremental changes are small steps towards beating the challenges B2B organizations face in the shifting business landscape. Be novel in your quest to follow up and don’t make it seem like you are begging for their business. This is because the wider the range of buying options is, the greater the amount of time it takes for a paying consumer to evaluate and deliberate spending on the trade-off. Try to insert previous use cases of the same solution that worked for clients facing the same issue and you can be sure that the prospect will listen to what you have to say. If leaks in the pipeline persist, revisit your ICP (ideal customer profile) to fix the lead generation and qualification process. #669 Mountain View, CA 94040, INDIA – 804, Deron Heights, Together with our growing team, we have developed an AI powered sales data and engagement platform that does the major heavy-lifting, to ensure sales professionals never miss any potential opportunities & generate more meetings.

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