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Everything You Need to Know About The Trials of Osiris in Destiny 2. You’ll be a bit sad to part with them and only really feel it’s worth it when you see the right stats on the tier ahead. The handling is the roughest, so you will want to be prepared to dodge and reset yourself if you want to keep your shots on target in a prolonged firefight. Best Hand Cannons in Destiny 2 2020. Until they add some more in the next seasons, these are the hand cannons beyond all others. The natural replacement to the infamous Spare Rations, Dire Promise is essentially the only 150 RPM hand cannon that will be viable for endgame content next season. With 225 RPM it’s bordering on auto pistol speeds but with hand cannon damage. Austringer. When Thorn finishes off an enemy, it absorbs their soul and empowers the next shot. Even with its age, it sets a bar for other weapons of this class, rather than trailing behind. As a quest weapon, and one celebrating a hero, it gets a lot of extra value beyond its perks. Acclaimed developer Bungie isn’t racing to share every detail about Beyond Light, the new Destiny 2 DLC. Better Devils. If you get your hands on one, you’ll feel strong and ready for the world. OF course, it also is a go-to for going Flawless in Trials of Osiris. An excellent Handling stat gives you room to maneuver and fight back without losing ground. Destiny 2 Lumina Exotic Hand Cannon comes with Healing Powers. Its best feature is the use of grenade energy to reload. If you’ve made it this far you know that the right perks and the right stats make for the best hand cannon you’ll find. Despite its promise, it’s a bit soon to see if the Officer Revolver will make this list. The creme of the Menagerie, the Destiny 2 hand cannon Austringer provides the dual bonus of rewarding from a guaranteed set of tasks and also letting you change the Masterwork roll through choice, not just chance. Chalice of Opulence Rune Crafting Guide. An aberration among the other hand cannons, this mechanic primes the weapon for some synergy when combining the right perks. This is also earned through competitive Crucible and gives as good as it gets in that mode. Find this hand cannon in Broodhold and let your hammers get fanned. How Is Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris Going to Evolve After Season of Worthy? For a much harder to secure weapon with an even higher RPM, Destiny 2 Hand Cannon Not Forgotten is the name. This weapon showed the community the power of an Outlaw and Rampage combo and put them on eery god roll itinerary. Some of these you can pick up pretty quickly through quests, some from events and raids. When using Moving Target it maxes out the aim assist (almost). They do the job fast, easy, and make everyone a bit envious when they see you firing them. Normal and Heroic Destiny 2, Configuration Puzzle Guide Heroic Zero Hour Mission Destiny 2. […], Even though Destiny 2 has been out since 2017, the game still logs over 100,000 […], Over 75,000 players have been playing Destiny 2 in the last 30 days alone. For perks, you’ll crave the ever-useful Rampage but also consider the advantage of Feeding Frenzy and Kill Clip to make use of that extra shot per trigger pull. Complete the Leviathan Raid to hope for this drop. Dire Promise. There’s no better time to dive in and blast the field with your trusty Destiny 2 hand cannons. You can farm up Cayde’s gun with a quest and consider yourself well-positioned to farm up some other items. Retooling Destiny 2 and the New Raid Crown of Sorrow. Like the Destiny 2 Hand Cannon Not Forgotten, you’ll enjoy Magnificent Howl but Precision Frame works best for PC players. It’s a bit boxy and a little strange in comparison to other hand cannons. Those stack well with the innate flinch inflicted by its High Calibur rounds. You don’t necessarily need to go the exotic route, but it does feel pretty good to wield that kind of power. The slight spread on the shots also helps out those with not-quite-there accuracy. This gives you a solid synergy if you know how to use your grenades and gun in tandem. Crafting some weekly frames for Ada-1 gets you curated rolls to upgrade this so-so weapon into a beast. The best weapon isn’t the one with the god rolls and the fancy, rare cosmetics. Spare Rations has finally met its match, at least for PvP activities. Don’t go it alone! Destiny 2 hand cannon The last word of the Last Word is speed. Jack Queen King 3 isn’t always going to be the second-best, it can plummet if you don’t get the rolls. With over 1,000,000 people watching, Bungie shocked the world with the reveal of not just the Season of Arrivals but the next 3 expansions as well. Austringer (Kinetic) – Obtained via the Menagerie/Chalice of Opulence Crafting. Lovers of the rapid-fire Snipers will want to get a good Widow’s Bite. What we know so far. Season 7 Pinnacle Weapons in Destiny 2. All rights reserved, {"cart_token":"","hash":"","cart_data":""}, Beyond Light: How to Get Ready for the Next Destiny 2 Expansion, Everything We Know About New Destiny 2 DLC: Beyond Light. On top of featuring good base stats and excellent PVE perks, Dire Promise is also a Lightweight frame, resulting in insane handling and fater movement speed. This snappy little … It can roll RAmpage, Drop Mag, and Dragonfly, giving you the ability to reload at speed and blast hordes in a succession of chaining damage. For those that like to experiment and customize the Austringer provides a steady, comfortable option. Not even multiple nerfs could truly kill this weapon. You’ll enjoy it a lot more with Kill Clip, Drop Mag, and Rampage all ready to go from the curated version. IN that case, pay attention to the common perk rolls and restrictions to shoot for the better of your bests. Or cash in Raid tokens to secure if your luck doesn’t come through. It might have had its perk nerfed, … Since the release of the Season of Arrivals for Destiny 2, players have been exploring the new Prophecy dungeon as well as some of the loot it offers. Okay, technically there are three things that make this a solid choice for the burgeoning hand cannoneer. As an Adaptive Frame weapon, you get some bonuses and roll variety that expands outside the usual. Add in a Multikell Clip to punish those who think they can dodge your barrage. One of the most variable of hand cannons on this list. Each headshot made while not looking down the sights improves damage. Pick this up through Bergusia Forge. You’ll need a solid team to farm Nightfall Strikes but it puts this hand cannon in a direct loot pool. The hand cannon so good it was the cover art for Forsaken. Ace of Spades (Kinetic, Exotic) – Complete the exotic quest Cayde’s Will. You can collect Thorn by taking on the quest starting in the Salt Mines and completing a range of tasks. These are near the top of the line and will serve you for a lot of Raids and Events when needed. Not Forgotten. The latest expansion for Destiny 2, Beyond Light, will release this fall, September 22nd, 2020, and is now available for pre-order. Read on to learn more about the feel, use, where to get, and what perk rolls to look for on each of these top-tier hand cannons. Kindled Orchid. These hand cannons include new offerings from Season of the Worthy in both exotic and legendary flavors. You get Solar damage from precision hit explosions. You won’t exactly pin your career on them, but you’ll get a lot of use out of them. Destiny 2 Flashpoint Complete: Weapons, Quests, and Bounties–Oh My! Finding the best one is a combination of luck, purpose, and knowledge. Since those went out with Season of Dawn, you’ll need to look elsewhere for this one. After enduring years of balancing issues, Destiny 2 Hand Cannon Thorn now gets to shine.

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