best ice cream sandwich recipe

I omitted the candy from the recipe and did different flavor ice cream in the middle (16 sandwiches; 4 different flavors) then rolled them in sprinkles. The kids, big and little all enjoyed them! Read More Delicious little ice cream sandwiches! Instead of a baking sheet you can also make the wafers using an ice cream sandwich maker.These silicone baking trays produce identical size wafers that can be easily unmolded. But with a dizzying array of ice cream sandwiches available in stores, it may be difficult for some consumers to decide which brand has the best take on this classic summertime dessert. Yield: 12 ice cream sandwiches. quicklist:5 category: Delicatessen title: Ice Cream Sandwich Cakes url: text: These ice cream sandwich cakes from Delicatessen are perfectly bite-sized. Tips from our Bakers If desired, substitute honey or light corn syrup for the agave or golden syrup; substitute minute tapioca, ground until fine in a mini food processor or spice grinder, for the tapioca flour; and use a scant 1/4 teaspoon table salt in place of the kosher salt. You can also use low-fat ice cream. The possibilities are endless. Take your "bread" of choice: warm peanut-butter cookies, perhaps, or a couple of meringues of wattleseed biscuits, and use them to sandwich a matching ice-cream. To limit ice cream sandwich calories, simply cut into smaller portions to make mini ice cream sandwiches! But use the former to bookend the latter, and something magical happens. Separately, biscuits and ice-cream are good things. To find out which company offers the best ice cream sandwich, we sampled eight different varieties, all available online or in stores.

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