bioshock infinite 1999 mode trophy

Later in the game you'll get involved in a large battle filled with plenty of enemies on zeppelins, this will be the easiest place to get it. This will save you some time from having to grind all these kill related trophies in the end. BioShock: Infinite Collectables Locations Guide, BioShock Infinite - Burial at Sea - Episode 1 DLC Trophy Guide, Burial at Sea - Episode 1 DLC Trophy Guide, BioShock Infinite - Clash in the Clouds DLC Trophy Guide, Kill an enemy by Possessing a foot soldier. As these trophies pop, find your next weapon in the world and trade it. In the Main Campaign, lured 3 enemies into a single Vigor trap 5 times. You may access these machines and Possess them for silver eagles, but you cannot purchase anything! In the Main Campaign, killed 30 enemies with the Peppermill Crank Gun. Bird's Eye Sniper Rifle - It is very important you keep this weapon on you even if you have no ammunition for it. Hanging from the regular hooks doesn't count either. gear equipped, you will benefit as it gives you a damage bonus to all weapons after each successful kill, up to five kills. Upon starting the game, you will find yourself facing a Lighthouse. Upon Tearing these hazards in (Which is done by holding, For this trophy you will need to knock twenty enemies off an edge of Columbia. Completed the Main Campaign on Hard difficulty or above. Traverse your way to the top, enter the world of Columbia and feel accomplished with your first story-related trophy! If you do a little exploring, you'll easily find different gear. It doesn't have a lot of ammo, and isn't dropped as often as the other weapons. The Founder Pig and Vox Hail Fire are both grenade launchers. There are thirty kinetoscopes and seven telescopes to be looked through while journeying across Columbia. Depending on the loot inside, these will require 1, 2, or 3 lock picks to open. Mix and match vigors with weapons into combos. >:( … It has a large amount of ammo, so getting 30 kills should be no problem. The other option is to enter the Konami Code. You will need to kill ten enemies via environmental hazards for this trophy. In the Main Campaign, killed 30 enemies with the Bird's Eye Sniper Rifle. Get to the ledges with weak enemies on them, and kill them first. The Broadsider Pistol is the first gun you'll receive in the game. In the Main Campaign, equipped a piece of Gear in all four slots. To upgrade your attributes you'll need to collect Infusions, which are jars that you can find in the environment that constantly changes three different colors. Depending on the weapon, they can have anything from damage upgrades to recoil reduction to magazine increase. There is a bar in the Shantytown called The Graveyard Shift. This same method can be used to grind summoning Tears and unlocking doors that Elizabeth must lock pick as well. The Graveyard Shift Bar is littered with alcohol for you to drink, and locals who will easily turn on you the moment you become trouble. For example, the first weapon that becomes available for you to use is the Sky-Hook. Because of this, it is recommended that you focus on one attribute at a time, or at least until this trophy pops. This guide will help you obtain all of the trophies for this Episode. Stay on the roof until the Handyman jumps up with you, then immediately grapple back onto the hook and jump down to the ground again. After an intense first interaction with the Prophet of Columbia, Comstock, you will be awarded this trophy. Trophy type: silver How to unlock: Completed the game on 1999 Mode. Then the Pistol, then the Triple R Machine Gun, and so on. Once you clear out the final, lengthy battle with extra help from a friend, catch your breath as you earn this trophy. There are plenty of turrets throughout the campaign, so make sure to possess them before destroying them. They do not remain on the ground forever though, so if you are planning an attack, you should plan so accordingly. Note that doing this during the beginning of the game is easier, as enemies are less armored and resilient. Get rid of her once and for all to grab this trophy. Ok I just repeat the last part of the game, and after credits and go back to the main menu and there's the 1999 mode. In the Main Campaign, killed 20 enemies with the Barnstormer RPG. Tapping, While choosing which Infusion upgrade you would like to enhance (Health, Shield, or Salts), you should make your choice on one attribute and stick to it until it is fully upgraded. Avoid using the Respawn system and instead abuse the auto save reloads. Killing fifty enemies with this weapon will grant you this trophy. In the Main Campaign, killed 100 enemies with the Founder Huntsman Carbine or Vox Burstgun. While they might seem difficult to you, and you may have to perform some checkpoint reloads, they are some of the hardest fights in the game. After the Possession wears off, they will kill themselves, Kill an enemy by watching the crows eat them alive, Kill an enemy by lifting an enemy up and finish them off with a weapon, Kill an enemy by towing them off of Columbia (also counts towards, Kill an enemy by returning their bullets to them, About a quarter of the way through the game, Elizabeth will introduce her Tears to you. Sneak your way around a short but rather eeire section of Comstock House to find Elizabeth trapped between a couple of life-sucking generators. Note that you must do this during a single playthrough, as it does not carry over. Note that if you have the, You first gain access to the Paddywhacker Hand Cannon right before entering the Plaza of Zeal, on a shopping cart, You first gain access to the Bird's Eye Sniper Rifle in Soldier's Field, looted off one of Slate's men outside the Hall of Heroes, Killing thirty enemies with this weapon will grant you this trophy. "Heavy hitter" enemies is what is used to describe the bigger, mini-boss type enemies you will find throughout Columbia. BioShock Infinite: The Complete Edition (Bioshock Collection) (PS4) has 81 Trophies. Note that the twenty fifth Infusion upgrade is the one you receive from the Luteces for free, in the Blue Ribbon Restaurant. From the game's main menu, hover over the 'play game' option and enter the following: Change the difficulty to Easy, and round the enemies around the alcohol you will consume in order to be drunk. Completed the game on Normal difficulty or above. This guide will help you get all the trophies in this battle arena style DLC. The sniper rifle weapon can also be dropped by enemies who are usually on ledges or balconies. There are a total of 37 telescopes and kinetoscopes in the game. The sniper is the best weapon to use to get headshots on a skyline. After this small interaction between our two protagonists, Elizabeth's Tears will now become available for you to use during most large fights. The majority of locks will be required to pick, as you will need them to progress in the story. In the Main Campaign, collected every Voxophone. Vigors are your "magic" powers, just like Plasmids in previous Bioshock games. You can use your Possession Vigor to possess machines. The player will have to finish the game on 1999 Mode, without purchasing anything from a Dollar Billvending machine. In the Main Campaign, killed 150 enemies with the Founder Triple R Machine Gun or Vox Repeater. However; the difficulty trophies are all stackable, so you can do this one first and unlock all the others. This trophy is earned for equipping a piece of gear in all four slots; Hat, Shirt, Pants and Boots. For the trophy to count, you must possess any machine gun turrets, rocket launcher turrets, or Motorized Patriots.

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