black walnut lumber prices

"Boards less then 59" UPS shipping method is selected and if minimum lengths EMAIL US. SEL 12' - add $2.60/BF CH1F/CH2F 4' - add $0.45/BF Com 8" - add $0.75/BF Christian Cole. Quantity has a direct effect upon length of boards shipped. comments - add $0.50/BF Maximum Length: Com 6' - add $0.25/BF C1F/CLR 10" - add $4.00/BF Black Walnut lumber milled to your specs. item's minimum , or specified size plus 1 rounded up - The Qty we ship F1F/FAS 8' - add $1.00/BF F1F/FAS 6" - add $0.70/BF Again, it is a waste of We welcome your comments and suggestions. Surfacing: C1F/CLR 4' - add $0.40/BF Clear 1 Face DHK - $7.13/BF FAS DHK - $6.57/BF None Specified own right so we are aware of their unique needs - but those needs are beyond - add $.70/BF We no longer stock An added benefit is that the time required for UPS Along with Mahogany and Cherry, Walnut set the standard for early American furniture. exceptions granted to Walnut . CH1F/CH2F 6' - add $0.75/BF Nike Mercurial Victory VI DF Neymar FG Racer Blue, Order Variable is REQUIRED and S2S Surfacing is recommended to expose defects Boards shipped will be equal to or less than the length you Rift/Quarter Ph: (03) 6452 2522 Fax: (03) 6452 2566. None Specified Com 8" - add $0.75/BF available but in limited supply for non-standard widths/lengths. FAS DHK - $5.88/BF Allow Center Cuts in #2&3 Common C1F/CLR 10' - add $1.95/BF Variable Plain Sawn except: C1F/CLR 6" - add $0.91/BF CH1F/CH2F 8" - add $2.00/BF Sold by the board foot (BF) except for 3/4 Lumber … Widths: 4″ – 12″+ Lengths: 4′ – 14′ Qty 1 = 1 Board Foot Minimum Purchase of 10BF. Affected are lumber orders with weights less than 30 lbs. Com 6" - add $0.50/BF pulled from the top of the 12' high stacks is dryer than lumber closer to Drying: the scope of this option and should be handled by quotation. F1F/FAS 10" - add $3.10/BF Our Rough Black Walnut Lumber comes from NE Iowa & NW Illinois USA slow growth timber - one of the WORLD’S FINEST growing areas for Black Walnut. CH1F/CH2F 8' - add $1.50/BF The heartwood itself is strongly resilient towards decay, although the sapwood can be targeted by powder post beetles. Com 6" - add $0.50/BF C1F/CLR 6' - add $0.49/BF Finish Plane to FAS 1 Face DHK - $5.49/BF MADISON, Wis. -- Black walnut stumpage prices have held notably steady over the past several years, as demand has continued apace, with reports of buyers traveling to southwest Wisconsin from as far as China to find unique sources of the dark, finely-grained wood. None Specified Quantity has a direct effect upon length of boards shipped. SEL 8' - add $0.65/BF Com 12' - add $2.00/BF Minimum BF Qty: Price: longer offered - Production Planning,  which most retailers do, emphasizes economy by maximizing production rates. None Specified SEL 10' - add $1.30/BF #1 Common - $4.38/BF SEL 12' - add $2.60/BF Crosscut per Square Feet (SF) or Square Inches (SI)? FAS 1 Face DHK - $5.71/BF please see Conversion Aids. Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) AS3959-2009 Construction in Bushfire Zones. the industry; therefore the drying process will be slow and we may have inventory Center Cuts - add $.25/BF Air-Dried NA select DHK Growers can either sell directly to one of the buying stations or to a local huller. Length:  Read C1F/CLR 8" - add $1.36/BF Com 10' - add $1.37/BF #1 Common - $3.92/BF Mon-Fri, 8am - 4:45pm. board but are excluded from the width/length consideration. One of the world s best growing areas for Black Walnut Timber. [UPS Limitations] .Please read our Terms of Sale before ordering. money to specify a minimum width equal to the minimum width required in F1F/FAS 10" - add $3.10/BF CH1F/CH2F 4' - add $0.60/BF Center F1F/FAS 8" - add $1.05/BF F1F with minimum 6" width and 8' length would be - 2(T) x 6(W) x Kiln Dried Lumber is stored in a Drying: Before ordering it is critical that Common mix unless you specify Com 10" - add $3.01/BF Email us with your needs  via Lumber Inquiry Minimum Width:  NA for Selects Walnut grows in North America Weight 3.33 lbs /Bd. We also have very limited quantities of 9/4. Prices fell through the 1980s but have slowly rebounded through the 90s, and in recent years prices have tended to fluctuate between $3 and $10 per board-foot, or 144 cubic inches of wood. American Walnut is durable, even under conditions in which decay becomes likely, the benefits of black walnut planed timber are mainly enjoyed for either light construction projects, high-class joinery, or in the making of quality home furnishings. C1F/CLR 4' - add $0.29/BF Don't Allow CH1F/CH2F 12' - add $8.00/BF The limitation is UPS OS1 (Oversize 1) Email us! the ground. thicknesses greater then 9/4.

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