characteristics of knowledge

Analyzes and conceptualizes social reality. It allows a person to have confidence, certainty that everything will turn out well, with faith towards something or someone, even if it can not be verified. Commit yourself to God and make the sign of the cross before you bathe, so that it does not hurt you. Authors; Authors and affiliations; Ikujiro Nonaka; Ryoko Toyama; Toru Hirata; Susan J. Bigelow; Ayano Hirose; Florian Kohlbacher; Chapter. It helps the human being to develop in their environment and value what is indispensable for life. Knowledgable persons has to manage themselves. It is totalizer, when integrating the infamations and the fundamentals of other areas or disciplines. Research is presented and reasoning is used as an instrument for measuring and verifying the certainty of information. “Knowledge of the firm, combinative capabilities, and the replication of technology,”, Leonard-Barton, D. (1992). (1996). Identify different moods, if someone is sad, happy, nervous, happy, in love, etc. “Everything flows and nothing abides: Towards a ‘, Cobb, J.B., Jr. (2007). It follows strict norms and leads to conclusions of objective type, indistinctly from the beliefs of the researching individuals. This service is more advanced with JavaScript available, Managing Flow The Characteristics of Knowledge. “The theory of the knowledge-creating firm: Subjectivity, objectivity and synthesis,”, Nonaka, I. and Toyama, R. (2007). Nelson, D.B. Recovered from:, Learn to think. “Strategy after modernism: Recovering practice,”. It rules and conducts a person's behavior through rules and norms that must be met and without asking. Recognize if a person has feelings like cold, heat, illness, discomfort. The aim of this study is to provide some important insights for knowledge stickiness from the perspective of the characteristic of knowledge and the people engaged in the knowledge transfer. Analyzes and conceptualizes social reality. “The economics of information,”. (2001). Recovered from:, What is intuitive knowledge? “Explicating dynamic capabilities: The nature and microfoundations of (sustainable) enterprise performance,”, Teece, D.J., Pisano, G., and Shuen, A. Download preview PDF. It allows to create a model of behavior in real situations and solve them in a practical way. This will explain why we need a new theory of knowledge and its management. This will explain why we need a new theory of knowledge and its management. It is generated by reactions to a stimulus, an idea, a need, a feeling, etc., without it being necessary to apply reason, only with intuition. Hartshorne, C. (2007). Scientific knowledge presents data that explain in an orderly and logical way the universe and its interaction between the elements that make it up, using observation and experimentation as tools for individuals to understand the processes and phenomena that occur in nature. (1991). Retrieved from: © 2020 Springer Nature Switzerland AG. Unable to display preview. He Intuitive knowledge All that information that perceives the person of the environment of instantaneous form. Yu, F.T. Macho-Stadler, I. and Pérez-Castrillo, J.D. It presents a hypothesis, which supports an assumption to be proved. But that suggests that knowledge management is an oxymoron (see this article). (1961). 217 Downloads; Abstract. (2003). “Conditional heteroskedasticity in asset returns: A new approach,”, Nonaka, I. “Art and knowledge,” in B. Gaut and D. Lopes (eds). Over 10 million scientific documents at your fingertips. They are formed through rituals and prayers that make mention of a sacred being. Believe in myths and rituals of witchcraft, because they trust an entity from beyond. He Philosophical knowledge The set of information that a person obtains by reading, analyzing and reasoning written documents. It is based on experiences that are demonstrable, because a result or product is produced, but not by a method. Reacting to a hazard in a manner consistent with a race, a shout, a jump. “Core capabilities and core rigidities: A paradox in managing new product development,”. Make a detailed observation of a particular event, devise a theoretical explanation and make an analysis: The theory will then be tested to establish its validity. (2007). Mintzberg, H., Ahlstrand, B., and Lampel, J. It is generated by performing an activity repeatedly or by having contact several times with process or object. “A dynamic theory of organizational knowledge creation,”, Nonaka, I. and Toyama, R. (2005). Believing the first living beings were Adam and Eve. Retrieved from:, Zepeda Rojas, R. (2015). We use cookies to provide our online service. These keywords were added by machine and not by the authors. Knowledge is the fact or the condition of knowing something through experience or association. What is missing in the resource-based approach is a comprehensive framework that shows how various parts within and across organizations interact with each other over time to create something new (for a detailed critique see, e.g., Priem and Butler, 2001). It produces satisfaction and security for someone who gives you confidence, to act and interact with other people, since you do not need demonstration. It is analytical, through the fragmentation of the parts of an object, to know theories and other concepts both scientific and philosophical.

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