coconut oil for soap making

The more un-saponified oils in your soap the more moisturizing it is. A soap making oil chart must, therefore, cover the basic oils as well as the more exotic oils that are becoming more common in soap making today. First I want to say that although many soap makers are happy to make a batch of soap using only coconut oil I sometimes find it a little drying, so this time I’ve mixed it with shortening/vegetable oil to balance this out. And if you're willing to forego some rules, it can be among the foremost versatile, too. With watermelon being comprised of nearly 92% water, it’s no wonder that it’s as refreshing as it is. Hard: Abundant lather, large fluffy bubbles, high cleansing, hard bar, white color: 15-50%: High amounts of coconut oil can be drying, however you can always use a higher superfat to counteract the drying effect. I would use around 10% to increase bubbles. Some soap makers who use this type of coconut oil for soap making say that it will produce a harder bar, but does not lather as nicely as the 76 degree coconut oil Variety. I never tried it in soap, but given the fatty acids I would expect it creates soap with a lot of bubbles and good cleaning properties. Here's what I mean: Traditionally, soaps are made of 5-7 oils blended to balance cleansing/moisturizing/and lathering properties. While there is little agreement on the best oils for soap making, a few basics are well known to be good for this purpose. Coconut Oil for Soap Making – Kiwi Watermelon Soap Recipe. Coconut oil soap is probably the simplest recipe you'll ever make for soap. Fractionated coconut oil can be used in soap just as any other oil, but it is quite expensive. This is another cold process soap recipe that uses coconut oil. Virgin coconut oil: The coconut oil industry is not like the olive oil industry. Attention! One thing to note about the fractionated coconut oil is that is much more expensive than the other two. Most of the usual acids we look for in a soap making oil have been removed from the fractionated coconut oil. It takes only 3 ingredients and has an amazing lather. Coconut Oil - Learn more about coconut oil in soap making. There is no better refreshing combination than that of kiwi and watermelon. Besides coconut oil, there are many other oils in this recipe. At the time of this writing, there's no actual standard that makes coconut oil "virgin". Tags: soap making, renee benoit, california, I was going to make Shea Butter Soap this week but then I realized I didn’t have the castor oil additive so I changed plans and made 100% Coconut Oil Soap. I use Coconut oil 72 degrees in my soap making but the other two can be used as well. The result is a very nice hard soap with large bubbles which is particularly beneficial for anyone with oily skin.

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