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When introducing yourself in a group or at an event (like a party or a conference), it’s helpful to explain your connection to other people in the group or event. I can’t feel comfortable in speak English . P.S. (As Alanis Morissette once said, “Isn’t it ironic?”). It’s polite and friendly to give some information about yourself. I got you covered! Good morning, my name is Sebastian Clark. Another difficult situation where you need to introduce yourself is a job interview. A simple question like “What about you, what do you do?” is good if you haven’t already talked about the subject. And tell her that you’re interested to learn more about programs. I´m from Mexico but I´ve been working in Virginia for a couple years, So I dont speak English but I want to do it and you really help me so much. Thanks for a marvellous posting! Hi Hugo! I live in Grenoble, and I often come to Paris to visit friends or to go to museums and other events! If you do, tell me in the comments! By clicking "I Agree", you accept our Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, and Terms of Use. Can we chat? Do you have opportunities to use your English daily, but are afraid because you’re shy? Best regards . 8 min read, 15 Apr 2020 – I want to learn English..when i talk with others in English..i get a little bit of shy..and i get nervous….so mam..what can i do??? The IELTS Speaking module is a face-to-face interview divided into three parts. IELTS Speaking: Introduction. I ask because I’m in Grenoble! I have worked at HP for 4 years. Career Links View related careers. Hi,I love your lessons. My name is Eunice . Get notified of future posts about teaching English. For example: *watch the video to understand that reference . Yes, I live in Grenoble, actually! I’d love to visit Mexico one day! i am 30 years old and i am working as company male nurse. Unsubscribe anytime. I just signed up…! Rated 4 Out of 5 stars. For this, you’ll need the present perfect continuous tense. (if you don’t mind that i’m asking). imie unlock, I like the way you teaching Thanks Christina. Self introduction: Learn many different ways to introduce yourself in English. I'm 15 years old. I have two children.”. Hello, I am Natalie. Hi Christina, i live in Nancy! Do you know how to introduce yourself in English? It’s important to recognize what you’ve already done too. hiiiiiiiiiii I just start with the first topic : Intriduce your self … and boooom … I find this lovely course.. Cambridge-trained English teacher from the United States. Thanks and talk to you soon! Hi Christina, my name is Sabrina i’m English student and i live in France. i read your article first time and liked it. I’m a mother of a almost (next week-end!) I have refer your article to my friends. Hi Esraa, let’s see how you introduce yourself! By regard – Mahdi, Hi i’m naima from morocco…i find a difficult to speak with people in english… I think you’re exactly right to talk about something that is maybe “off topic” or out of the scope of the presentation, as you said, to get their attention first. Hello mam.. That’s small talk. if you need to introduce yourself in english,first of all we have to great people,after you will tell Them your name ,your age and education background and your nationality.Par exemple:hello guys,im so happy to meet you.My name is moroko,i am congolese young.I was born at kinshasa but people call me justin.i am graduated in medical field that i’v completed at hiight institute of medical at bukavu . My Small Talk Conversation Coaching Program is perfect to help you feel more fluent and make conversation easier in English. I’m so glad that you now know exactly how to answer the question properly! Hi! Thanks so much, I’m glad that you’re enjoying learning with my videos, and that you’re becoming more fluent. I love English ,Science and technology. Thanks for your course it’s very helpful !! I liked your ways to teach speaking English by the medium of communication. I will be a student at UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles). IELTS Speaking Exam Summary - PART 1: Introduction & Interview. I wanna improuve my english speak caus I need it in my work. But i love English and finding new friend for help. 26 Aug 2020 – Thanks so much Seekarm! These phrases are good for both formal situations like job interviews, as well as casual situations like parties. Practice regularly, even if it’s talking to yourself. I genuinely enjoyed reading What did you learn from it? This article will help you, with 5 steps to speaking confidently: http://christinarebuffet.com/blog/speak-english-confidently/. A lot of native speakers also become tongue-tiedtongue-tied: not able to speak because you feel shy or nervous when talking about themselves! I like your way to work et to teach. Time. In English-speaking culture, we often connect by telling a story or showing we understand a problem the audience has. Do you live in Grenoble or you’re there only for visiting? How do you like Virginia? Senior Vice President and General Manager of North American Sales for Behemoth Enterprises. now I’m completing my study at university I’m Paule. can you help me tu improve my english comunication. For example, start small, just saying “Hi!” to someone you don’t know, or asking an “easy” question like “Do you have the time please?”, just to push yourself a little. Who doesn’t fear the question: “Please introduce yourself in English”? I studied accounting at Irbid collage then I worked in education field about two years

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