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Sapwood is nearly white. European Walnut - Juglans regia European Walnut is readily available from Sykes Timber in veneer grade boules and we regularly supply this timber to exclusive projects all over the U.K. It is sliced into veneer for panels and architectural purposes. Cultivated for the fruit it produces (the humble walnut), it was introduced northward by the Romans. European Walnut. European Walnut Solid wood worktops with Oil Finish We produce quality European Walnut Worktops,Finger Jointed Panels,Kitchen Worktops, CounterTops, Table top, Bar tops, Island tops,Kitchen Butcher Block,Countertops,Bench top,Workbench top,Dinning Table tops European walnut likes to be air dried first, then followed with a careful dry in the kiln. Distribution: Eastern Europe and western Asia. European walnut is straight-grained, although irregular grain is often present around knots and defects. Anyone making new handles for steel kitchen utensils. A measure of the ratio of its density compared to water (at 12% MC). The species is Juglans regia, or Royal Walnut, and is one of the most admired hardwoods of all time. Generally speaking, the harder the wood the easier it is to finish and polish. This reduces the colour difference between the heart and sapwood. However, most of the timber that woodworkers will see is from cultivated trees. Also available in a wide range of finishes, these 20-mm-thick American Walnut or Oak floors are designed to last for many years, accompanying families through the generations, forming the ideal bridge between the past and the future of interior design at its most exquisite and distinctive. To enter certain areas of the site, you will be required to register and provide information about yourself. Another European walnut, Ancona, is an Italian walnut, known for its highly figured and variegated wood. This species is often figured: curly, beeswing, stump, crotch and burl figuring are common. By using this site, you agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy. Home; Our Mission; So a Janka rating is an average of numerous tests performed on all directions and numerous pieces. European walnut is so widespread that the characteristics of the timber are dependant on the country where it was grown. Growing areal : It is grown in Italy, southern Europe and the Caucasus. Since it is an imported species, European Walnut can be expensive. MENU. Its shock resistant properties make it a valuable wood for high end gunstocks. And no cookie delivered by us will interfere with the operation of your computer. Tree Size: 80-115 ft (24-35 m) tall, 5-6 ft (1.5-2.0 m) trunk diameter. European walnut wood. This yields wood that is consistent in colour and provides a mixture of flat, rift and quartersawn segments. The wood is easily worked, although sharp tools and reduced cutting angles will help woodworkers tame irregular and figured grain. Aggregate information is information that cannot identify you personally. The heartwood color ranges from medium brown, to tan, to orange and can contain black spider web streaks or vein noir. Creative woodworkers often include these defects, highlighting them with butterfly keys, epoxies and other resins. Further product details Scientific Name : Juglans regia. Next Entry. We recommend Walnut for its rich colour and fine finish which will ensure your worktops will be both long lasting and beautiful. Trees from forest environments tend to be taller and thinner. Other European Walnut is sold as Italian Walnut, Persian Walnut, German Walnut etc. European Walnut is a beautiful wood which will add warmth and texture to your overall kitchen design. CollectionsVere AntichitàVeroSegretiLeonardoPalazziCotoneDecoratiCabinetry & ClosetsKitchensLightingDoorsWall CladdingCustom. The distinctive grain of European walnut. European walnut is usually found as individual large slabs or through-sawn with all the timber from one tree kept together as a boule. European Walnut can occasionally also be found with figured grain patterns such as: curly, crotch, and burl. will not sell or rent your personally identifiable information to anyone. Uses: Joinery, furniture, turnery & mouldings, rifle butts & car dash. Wood Panling & Boiserie. We find that your actions on our web sites violate the Terms of Service or any of our usage guidelines for specific products or services. Scientific Name: Juglans regia. The authors, editors and related web personnel are not responsible for the results of any actions taken on the basis of information on this website, nor for any errors or omissions; This website is not engaged in rendering professional advice/services; and. Common Name(s): English Walnut, Circassian Walnut, European Walnut, French Walnut, Common Walnut. The hardness of wood varies with the direction of the wood grain, and varies from piece to piece. Woodworkers should not be discouraged. Cookies help us identify your interests. The idea is to help reduce waste by allowing woodworkers to utilize some of the sapwood. The pre-finished three-layer boards with a 4.5 mm top layer in American Walnut, European Walnut or Oak, follow the natural movements of the wood, which is a living material, and these structural qualities are complemented by equally impressive aesthetic qualities, with the manual processes and the wide choice of finishes available making every product entirely unique. Other woodworkers prefer the subtle colouring present in the air dried material. has a diverse and interesting history. also automatically receives and records information on our server logs from your browser including your IP address, cookie information and the page you requested. The walnut tree truly is the giant of the forest, standing at up to 100 feet tall with its impressive, broad leaf canopy. We use it to send you information about, By completing a form on this website, you will be able to receive email correspondence from. It is widely cultivated across Europe. Trees from forest environments tend to be taller and thinner. Get Evercladd® professional consultancy for free. The walnut tree truly is the giant of the forest, standing at up to 100 feet tall with its impressive, broad leaf canopy. Cookies are small text files that most Web sites, including place on your computer. All things considered, it is hard for the woodworker to resist the subtle beauty of European walnut. The personal information that we retain is what is provided by you voluntarily. This information helps them to better understand our audience and provide advertisements that are more likely to be of interest to you and your organization.

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