homemade room spray with essential oils and vodka

You can use any plain Ethyl alcohol (ethanol). Allow to air dry whenever possible, if not possible wipe with a very clean cloth. Learn to make DIY room spray with essential oils. Learn how to make essential oil room sprays. They also infuse the air with benefits of the essential oils used in the spray. Other types of denatured alcohol (non-drinkable) are available in the U.S. including isopropanol (rubbing alcohol or isopropyl alcohol) and methanol (methyl alcohol). Pet odor is often more marked during the fall and winter months when the windows are rarely opened so all the smells stay inside. All of these are relaxing essential oils. I often use vodka to clean around my house (it’s in my homemade Window Cleaner and natural Lemon Disinfectant Spray Cleaner). The addition of peppermint gives the blend a burst of freshness. You can use any brand of witch hazel but this is the one I use when making room sprays. Cause asthma to develop in healthy people. This post uses affiliate links. They are also all strong smelling essential oils. Eucalyptus has been praised for its powerful decongestant properties. This is an interesting spray that combines three citrus essential oils with distinctly different aromas. Success! Download the amazing free essential oil labels created for glass spray bottles for Essential Oils. Buying a set of essential oils works out so much cheaper than buying individual essential oil bottles. However, substituting other alcohols for the ethanol in this recipe will result in a cleaner that contains additional ingredients that could be dangerous to inhale and may not be safe on all surfaces. Plastic also tends to corrode the therapeutic properties of essential oils, while glass is impervious to oils, making it the ideal material for storing essential oils and essential oil-based items. Misting the room with this blend will overcome those disagreeable scents so the room smells cleaner and fresher. ½ cup  vodka (use a bottom shelf, cheap version). Required fields are marked *. The vodka helps to distribute the essential oils in the water. Making your own room freshener sprays with essential oils is surprisingly simple and doesn’t take more than a few minutes. We will use this to send you weekly emails from Bren Did with the latest printables, easy recipes, home care tips, and simple craft ideas. Buying the Top 14 Essential Oil Set works out much cheaper than buying the 14 oils separately. EOs and fragrance oils can be very corrosive to wood finishes if they are not diluted. Oils and water don’t mix so if you just add oils and water, the oil will float on top of the water. I was spraying it ALL THE TIME…, Until I began to learn more about the toxic chemicals in many household products. Keep a room spray with this blend in the bedroom and spritz a little around your bed so you can inhale the calming aromas as you wind down before bedtime. 15 drops Basil 12 drops Eucalyptus 7 drops Peppermint. Today we’ll be looking at how you can use essential oils to make a room spray filled with the benefits of essential oils. Both DIY versions are available to download in my free printable library. By using the benefits of essential oils you can make your home smell great toxin-free. Halve the quantities for a smaller bottle of spray. I advise people to do only what they are comfortable doing! The best homemade room refresher is simple: water, vodka, and essential oils. To make your own room freshener spray, you’ll need a few easy to find ingredients and a dark-colored glass spray bottle to keep it in. « 5 Tips to Make Drinking Water a Habit (& Free Water Tracking Stickers), PBK Inspired Glitter Happy Easter Banner ». Exposure to sunlight causes the therapeutic properties of the oils to deteriorate faster. Later on, you will only get the spray of water without any scent. f you are nervous I would spot test in a inconspicuous area. Experimenting with different scents is the best part about making your own room sprays with essential oils.

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