how to install a powered subwoofer to a factory stereo

Route the end of the cable to the location you plan to mount control. However, adding a subwoofer means not only a deep bass but also overall improvement of the sound system.A subwoofer can change your Greetings, I purchased a new Kona yesterday. The subwoofer has brought revolutionary change in sound. Anyone have any legitimate experience installing powered subwoofers into existing factory car stereo? When we add a subwoofer system to your stereo (amplifier, subwoofer and subwoofer enclosure), all the work in making bass in your car is dedicated to the sub. I want to install a simple powered 8 inch alpine subwoofer, under a seat or in the back. Hello I just got my 07 VW GLI Jetta with the 6 disc cd change stereo and SAT, I was wondering if theres anyway I can install my Amp to this without having to get another stereo because this stereo is pretty nice and I dont want to lose the SAT and cd changer. Though it is mostly used in home theatre, it can also radically improve the performance of the factory stereo. Route the cable safely out of the way of moving components in your vehic le such as brake, steering, and seat mechanisms. 5. This typically allows 4 x the power of a single channel to be provided! Stereo receivers, pre-amps, and integrated amplifiers rarely have subwoofer output jacks or offer bass-management options. It can develop a foundation which helps several speakers to muster. The Alpine Power Pack is another amplifier that has made factory integration way easier! This means that they will sound better, play louder (within their frequency ranges) and even can last longer. subwoofer. Mount the subwoofer level control if it is being used. Proceed to the end of the subwoofer and locate the control panel. Speaker level inputs option (if using a factory stereo; Bridging an amplifier means wiring the speaker connection so that we take advantage of a built-in design feature which allows 2 amplifier channels to drive one speaker (or pair of speakers) for more power. After searching these forums as well as Google, I cannot find a wiring diagram or any specific wiring harness / adapter that I could get my RCA red and white audio output from, or the left and right speaker wires that I could splice into for the subwoofer. Your small factory speakers and the radio no longer have to work as hard. Alpine Power Pack – Mini 4 Channel Amplifier. 6. it has a internal Hi/Lo and comes with an input and output harness that will usually allow you to install it without any additional parts even.

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