how to set amp gain by ear

Adjust LPF, HPF, Sub sonic, gain, amplifier tune/ dial in. 2) Adjust the head unit tone (bass, mid (if available), and treble) controls set to "flat", loudness (if available) OFF, and the volume at 3/4 maximum (if the volume goes from 0-40, set it at 30 - if it goes from 0-30, set it to 22). Here's one way to set the input gain "by ear". 1) Turn amp gain and bass boost (if available) to minimum. This will be the most common method you – the reader – will use. Show more. How to tune amplifier and set amp gain by ear properly by NextLevelCarAudio 5 months ago 20 minutes 87,284 views. To accurately measure your amplifier's output power with a multimeter, use a 60 Hz tone for a subwoofer amp, and a 100 Hz tone for a full-range amp with its high-pass filter turned off. Or 2 volts, or 3 volts and so on and so forth. In fact, most installer set up their customers’ amps by ear! Now head back to the amp and find the gain control. Travis, I actually recommend using test tones and ears to set amp gain, as shown in the article How to set gain with test tones. Turn it so that its set half way. The gain setting remains true however; that is, if you set the gain to the ‘1V’ marking, the amp will produce full power when the HU delivers 1V with an oscilloscope measuring this with a 1,000 Hz sinewave. How to setup your amp for beginners. Vairāk similāru audiogrāmatu: Amplifier Tuning Settings How To - Gain, Crossovers, Bass Boost. I just had an addition to suggest for setting gains on sub amps - because I definitely also like to set my gains by ear as well: With all my amps, I set my gains using test tones - you can pick up CD's with test tones recorded at the maximum -0dB level, and I find this real easy to pick out when distortion starts, with pure tones. Less amplifier sensitivity (lower gain setting) also helps to reduce noise. When the amplifier gains are set properly, you get full power from your amp without unnecessary hiss or background noise. 4) Now go back to the car stereo and gradually increase the volume until you notice a reduction in the sound quality. CarAudioFabrication. ... Now that you have tuned your car amp gain by ear, you can insert your favourite rap CD and blast some bass down the block.

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