importance of respiration in plants

ADVERTISEMENTS: In this article we will discuss about the process of respiration in plants. Topics that will be discussed in the workshop will be the importance of respiration in plant growth (Jonathna Franz), modelling respiration over time (David Bryla), and the effects of temperature on respiration (Marc van Iersel). It is observed that when photo-respiration is inhibited chemically, the plant can still grow. 2057 Words 9 Pages. There are three stages of cellular respiration in plants: (i) glycolysis, (ii) the Krebs cycle, and (iii) electron transport chain. The plants get energy through the process of respiration in which glucose food breaks down in the presence of oxygen to form carbon dioxide and water with the release of energy.. The Importance Of Cellular Respiration In Plant Life. Interestingly, photorespiration reduces the photosynthetic process. Photosynthesis and respiration are linked together. However, photosynthesis is more complicated but the general is that it's a process for plants to convert light energy to chemical energy which is their fuel. The process of respiration is important for all living things because they use it to stay alive. Plants respire using the process of cellular respiration. This energy is used by the plant for carrying out its various life processes. They need the process of respiration just as humans and animals do. Answer. Asked by Wiki User. Photorespiration is not essential for the plants. how it was that these organs were able to sustain life. Clearly respiration is important in the carbon balance and growth of plants. Plants like other animals also respire. It wasn’t until a scientist known as Warburg came along between 1908 and 1925 that any major strides towards understanding cellular respiration was accomplished (Keilin). Respiration is inhaling oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide to simply put it. Plants do resort to cellular respiration, wherein the products of photosynthesis are reunited to produce energy, which they have to do in order to convert the energy which is stored in the form of glucose into usable chemical energy. This means that they use the nutrients they obtained from soil and turn them into energy. What is the importance of respiration in plants and animals? Top Answer. Photosynthesis is a process for plants to make their food in layman's term. In respiration carbo­hydrate is broken down, as a result the potential energy is trans­formed into kinetic form. Show More. Wiki User Answered . This is also true for plant cells. Many plants can grow normally without photorespiration. 2013-02-26 04:35:07 2013-02-26 04:35:07. Plants also need energy. […] Respiration in Plants. Consequence or Importance of Photorespiration. 1 2 3. Though it is a destructive or katabolic process, yet respiration is extremely beneficial, because it releases the necessary energy for performing the life functions.

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