input and output devices

Therefore, light pens are used to select and draw objects. Any graphics made with a light pen can be stored on the computer and can be edit again when needed. The concept of input and output devices is much simpler than it sounds. I/O devices widely used in specialized simulations. The keyboard is designed to input data in the format of the text, numbers, and special characters. Printer- It is an electronic external output device of the computer. 2. , the system wouldn’t full fill the needs of the user. In Short, a device that inputs the data gives output results at the same time by itself. It can not only capture an image but also record sound and video shooting parameters. What is the difference between ROM and RAM. Hence, the above are examples of input devices, output devices, and both input and output devices I/O devices. Most devices are only input devices or output devices, as they can only accept data input from a user or output data generated by a computer. Input and output devices are the basic components of a computer system. Virtual Reality – Virtual Reality is the combination of two words ‘virtual’ and ‘reality’. It senses the light through a photocell attached to it, and when it comes close and rotates into the screen, it generates a Pulse. Speaker – A speaker is the hardware of the computer to produce the audios as output results. From Headphones or Earphones, you can listen to any of your favorite music transmitted by these devices. It is mainly used for security purposes to prevent unauthorized access from entering a specific area. The microphone is used as a voice recorder, online chatting, singing, etc. . The screen projector – It is a multi-functional device used to cast the videos, presentations, animations, documentaries, graphs to the big screen simultaneously by connecting with a computer, laptops, or even smartphones. People with mobility problems often use trackballs as an input device, since a trackball is more comfortable to manipulate, and they are considered more accurate and durable than a mouse. Recommended: Read all the 10 Output devices with pictures of Computers in our previous article. It can be defined as “when the computer receives various types of data and instructions by the user through input devices like a keyboard (by typing) and mouse (by clicking), etc. Touchscreen – The touchscreen is an electronic visual display that can be controlled only by just touching the fingers on the screen, that is, they can do their work. It senses the light through a photocell attached to it, and when it comes close and rotates into the screen, it generates a Pulse. Biometric Sensor – A Biometric system identifies a person’s information through its biometric sensors. Since biometric sensors are operating with accuracy, they are widely used in many institutions. The use of trackballs became very common in computers to use in video games and for graphic designing applications. It is similar to a printer but has more advanced features with more accurate, faster with high-resolution graphics. Input hardware serves to send data into the computer's CPU, while output devices send data outwards to the user. From the above you know the Input and output devices separately. Mouse – The mouse is another input device of a computer, also known as a pointing and Cursor Moving Device. The microphone is used as a. Files, photos, videos, and tables can be viewed in real-time through the monitor. Where ‘virtual’ means digital (unreal) and reality means the real experience. From which we can do basic tasks like select, open, delete the files and folders.

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