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Information about your bloodwork is updated with the team as often as you want. Referral Form . Weight Loss and Wellness5550 Warren Pkwy, The program relies on fasting for a relatively long time to increase the metabolism rate of fats … Transmitter - this component sends data wirelessly to a display device. There are links to the weekly blog, as well as the archives going back several years. Have you been hearing about fasting? Who needs medical supervision during fasting? #19, Balaji Residency, 4th B cross, 29th Main, MCHS Colony, BTM 2nd Stage. Especially before any extended fasting, it is important to be screened for nutritional deficiencies, as well as electrolytes abnormalities and kidney function, to name a few. Over 12 weeks, in the normal weight and people with overweight, muscle mass was preserved and people lost body fat. I’m sure you have unless you have been a hermit for the past few years! INTENSIVE DIETARY INTERVENTION. The CGM device is sampling your blood sugars and recording the details every 15 minutes. Email the team with your daily reports and every week we will spend an online session with you, planning a diet chart, recipes, grocery shopping lists, etc, for the coming week. … We’re happy to provide a high-quality, clinical experience to you, anywhere in the world. Make better decisions every day about what and when to eat with the help of our team. 2. A hormone called adiponectin (which helps insulin function) also increased. The Intensive Dietary Management (IDM) Program’s focus is the treatment of metabolic syndrome through a combination of intermittent fasting and dietary modifications. Also, LDL and triglyceride cholesterol decreased, and markers of inflammation decreased as well. CGM System also provides customizable alerts to warn the wearer of approaching glucose highs and lows. Many investigators, both in the basic research field and in clinical research are studying the various effects on health, including effects on cholesterol, markers like adiponectin, insulin and markers of inflammation. Use your blood sugar data from the morning to decide what to have for Lunch. There are various studies in progress to also delve into anti-aging and autophagy effects of intermittent fasting. Combine the Accuracy of 24/7 Blood Sugar Monitoring with 24/7 Nutrition Analysis, Planning and Counseling. So, we have established that there is a role for fasting, along with nutrition and lifestyle, in the treatment of metabolic diseases like overweight/obesity and type 2 diabetes, but what kind of supervision is needed? We provide the education, support and guidance necessary to succeed at low carb diets and intermittent fasting. 3. Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) is a powerful tool delivering information that patients with diabetes and their providers can use to help improve diabetes management. Many studies have been done on lab animals and some on humans as well. For those people who are on medications for conditions, especially high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes, it is very important to be supervised, as fasting typically results in a brisk need for a decrease in medications. Megan Ramos Megan Ramos Our Program. The IDM was co-founded by a nephrologist and world-renowned author, Dr. Jason Fung and clinical researcher Megan Ramos, who herself used the program to practice fasting and reversed her obesity and type 2 diabetes. The Toronto Metabolic Clinic offers treatment for various conditions through dietary intervention, under the supervision of a dedicated and well-trained medical team, including family physicians, and specialists. They offer a free 12 week introductory course as well as paid health coaching to guide individuals on their fasting journey. I’m excited to be able to offer the Intensive Dietary Management (IDM) Program to clients anywhere in the world. Get support on a day to day basis.If you have any questions about what to eat at a restaurant or while you’re travelling, our team is there to give you support on a day to day basis, If you are part of the Biomarker Tracking System or Genetic Counseling System, the genetic data will be used to optimise those outcomes, Email: hello@ensocure.comCall / WhatsApp: +916362191675, Book Appointment | Partners | Meet Our Team. Suite 210 Unlike a blood glucose meter which provides just a single reading with each fingerstick, CGM shows patients where their glucose is going and how fast it’s getting there. Dr. Fung and Ms. Ramos have both been instrumental in spreading the word about fasting as a treatment tool for treating obesity and type 2 diabetes. In October of 2018, in the British Medical Journal, a group of investigators, including Dr. Fung and Ms. Ramos, published a case report of 3 patients who used therapeutic fasting under the guidance of their IDM fasting program.

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