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To mix up the perfect blend of Jack’s 321 … Top feed drain to waste. We get a lot of questions asking about how to properly mix our Jack's 321 program (and how to know if something isn't mixed properly). Again....I need THE OFFICIAL PPM RATING OF JACKS. I can not get my ppm/ec very high at any stage without burning. Most I've ever been able to feed a strain is 600ppm in flower. Simple math? It consists of Jack’s Nutrients Part A 5-12-26, Jack’s Nutrients Part B 15-0-0 and Epsom Salts. Dedicated to the cultivation of cannabis. I have added Silica, Monopotassium Phosphate, Calmag, Great white and Fulic. Runoff is 100ish ppm lower than input usually, More posts from the microgrowery community. BUT where does that “321” come from, you ask? I’ve been addin about a gallon of tap to my Ro Rez But my tap ppm is 170. I was sick of paying 100+ per run for bottled water and here we are. Foz1987 Member. The only thing I may add is Recharge. Some growers follow our Jack’s 321 program with this combination of formulas and achieve the elusive flexibility and stability in many different growing environments. Jack's 321 Questions November 15, 2018 Hydroponics / Aeroponics. JavaScript is disabled. No matter the strain. I can not get my ppm/ec very high at any stage without burning. What is your run off ppm? I'm new to growing and use jacks 321 in coco with air pots. No matter the strain. You be the scientist, but let Jack’s help! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. You must log in or register to reply here. Most growers use tap which has high ppm from calmag. Ph is consistent 6.0-6.1 Is this good or bad? You’re fine if your water has low ppm. We love pictures of your plants & harvest, discussing growing methods, and helping with grow problems. It’s the shortened amount of each fertilizer in grams per gallon. It still doesn't give the PPM. i would drop all the extra shit and just run the 321-epsom at 50% strength ph at 5.8 with those res temps i would avoid the great white.your not running 1200w of qb288 in that 4x4 are you ? Week 9 Flush I’ll plug the numbers as soon as I can. I can't seem to find the correct info. BUT where does that “321” come from, you ask? Top feed drain to waste. Top feed drain to waste. I see/hear people speak about their feed schedules and they're talking about feeding seedlings up to 900ppm and flowering plants 1500+ How is this possible? Thanks Roger, I think I just found it. Only issue i have is pushing it to far by trial and error eventually causing burn I test my runoff and the ppm is usually lower than the input. Aloha from Maui First time growing, decided to go with Jacks 321 (part 1,2 + Epson) for the low cost. It’s the shortened amount of each fertilizer in grams per gallon. http://www.jrpeters.com/our-company/contact-us.html. I've found it but I can't send you a link on here it's not allowed and also try Google images, Thanks, but I need the value of Jacks 321 at full strength. Am I doing something really wrong, or right? I just assumed he could use simple math. No microbes or amendments, just straight up jacks in the 321 ratio. I only noticed burn after I started getting into 650-700 ppm run off. JACKS 3-2-1 Feed Chart Updated 11/08/2020 Canna Organic Coco or BioBizz Organic Coco Mix www.KootMed.com plus 8 quarts of Espoma Organic Perlite/50 liter bag of coco Base Nutes With Minimal Additives (All Measurements are Per Gallon) Legend: gal = gallon ml = milliliters g = grams Tbsp = tablespoon tsp = teaspoon See Cloner Sterilization & Cloning Intstructions at: Nov 19, … Jacks 321 ppm/ec question. Jack’s 321 is our tried and true two-part fertilizer program. To mix up the perfect blend of Jack’s 321 you will need: Why is this so hard for people to understand what I'm looking for. What your EC or PPM meter tells you is just an estimate based off the electrical conductivity of the nutrient solution. i use several jack's products, and have never seen that information listed on a label or posted on their website. And you mix them in a 321 ratio (full strength being 3.6-jacks. Press J to jump to the feed. What water are you using and what’s the ppm of that water? 2.4-cal nit & 1.2 Epsom salts.) jack's is good stuff, i don't use the 321 but i do use three different formulas of jacks, 20-10-20 in veg, 12-15-30 with calcium for flower, and 10-30-20 as a booster for a few days between the stretch and swell phases. Our schedules and formulas will help to ensure Jack's delivers the exact nutrient balance according to the your Cannabis & Hemp crop requirements. No matter the strain. Jacks 321 @ 50%, DIY Hammerhead 2ml per Gallon, DIY MOAB 1 gram per gallon. I can't seem to find the correct info. It wasn’t quite my opinion more or less fact if your mixing it as directed. It says 728 PPM at full strength. This kit is designed to allow you to tweak your Nutrients to achieve your balance of Part A and Part B. Our very own "Wild Bill" Cody is here to give you the definitive mixing lesson straight from the JR Peters Laboratory. check out Greene genes video, it’s kinda on the longer side but he explains everything so perfect & will save you a ton of money in the long run + I like the control … I was going to pick up jacks trace elements and calcium chloride as well. It's beginning to appear that there's a fairly wide margin of flexibility based around Jack's 321. The elemental ppm of jacks 3-2-1 (3 grams jacks 5-12-26, 2 grams calcium nitrate, 1 gram magnesium sulfate) is roughly 608ppm total. The nutes are really easy to use and relatively foolproof at 1.8g jacks hydro 5-12-26 1.2g Calcium Nitrate 15-0-0 and .5g Epsom salts (Magnesium sulfate) from the corner drugstore. Unless you’re looking at each individual nute ppm, it also includes non NPK elements. This seems to fit the bill of a simple, tuneable nutrient set up that doesn't need a shit load of add on's. Does anyone know what the PPM is of Jacks 321 at full strength, either officially, or from personal experience.

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