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Theses/Dissertations from 2007 PDF. There are various approaches to choosing a proper subject among thesis topics in mathematics, the flexibility being an advantage of majoring in the field. Mathematics Student Teaching in Japan: A Multi-Case Study, Allison Turley Shwalb. The Department of Mathematics and Statistics was host until 2014 to the MSc course in the Mathematics of Scientific and Industrial Computation (previously known as Numerical Solution of Differential Equations) and the MSc course in Mathematical and Numerical Modelling of the Atmosphere and Oceans. Mathematics MSc dissertations. Contact Program director: prof. W. Veys Department of Mathematics Celestijnenlaan 200B 3001 Heverlee - Belgium tel: +32 (16) 32 70 92 A List Of Great Mathematics Master's Dissertation Topics. The Master’s Project can range from a Master’s Thesis to a substantial written report on a research project in some applied area. Effects of mathematics professional development on growth in teacher mathematical content knowledge, Carol Elizabeth Cronk. Waterloo, Ontario The Thesis is not counted as part of the Advanced Studies module when calculating a grade for this study module. The list is not exhaustive and you don't have to choose a topic from the list, you can agree something different with your supervisor. There are three leading themes for one to commit to. Topics for masters theses come from … Would you have a problem with a Master’s or PhD thesis in Math? Theses/Dissertations from 2011 PDF. 2007 | 2008 | 2009 | 2010 | 2011 | 2012 | 2013 | 2014 | 2015 | 2016 | 2017 | 2018 | 2019, Explicit Runge-Kutta time-stepping with the discontinuous Galerkin method, The forest transition and ecological thresholds: resilience, recovery, and predictions, The Early Universe: New Aspects of Cuscuton Theory, Modified Dispersion Relations and Pulsar Constraints on Vacuum Noise, Non-linear Interactions between Internal Wave Beams: Beyond the Traditional Approximation, The Relation between Polygonal Gravity and 3D Loop Quantum Gravity, A Novel Mathematical Framework for the Analysis of Neural Networks, Normal Mode Wave-Vortex Decompositions of Mesoscale Simulations, A modelling investigation into the impacts of the convective parameterization on the tropical circulation, Existence and uniqueness of attracting slow manifolds: An application of the Ważewski principle, Structured Reverse Mode Automatic Differentiation in Nested Monte Carlo Simulations, Probing Quantum Fields: Measurements and Quantum Energy Teleportation, Iterated Function Systems with Place-Dependent Probabilities and the Inverse Problem of Measure Approximation Using Moments, Infectious Disease Modeling with Interpersonal Contact Patterns as a Heterogeneous Network, A Model for Shear Response in Swimming Plankton, Modeling Photoluminescence Decay Dynamics in Nanocrystals, Indirect Quantum Control: An Implementation-Independent Scheme, Halocline mixing due to heavy rainfall in the cenote's of the Yucatan Peninsula, A Taylor polynomial expansion line search for large-scale optimization, Stability of Nonlinear Functional Differential Equations by the Contraction Mapping Principle, Infinite-dimensional Kalman Filtering and Sensor Placement Problem, Internal Wave Interaction with Broad Topography in the Presence of a Near-Bottom Stratification, Efficient Runge-Kutta Based Local Time-Stepping Methods, Design of Tubular Network Systems Using Circle Packing and Discrete Optimization, Topological Quantum Computation and Protected Gates, Localising Information in Bandlimited Quantum Field Theory, Optimal Sensor Location for the Estimation of a Linear Dispersive Wave Equation, Construction of Optimal Tubular Networks in Arbitrary Regions in R^3, Green’s Function for Poisson Equation in Layered Nano-Structures including Graphene, Short-wave vortex instabilities in stratified flow, On Infinitesimal Inverse Spectral Geometry, Department of Applied Mathematics Canada N2L 3G1 Suggestions for Master's thesis topics in mathematics and statistics and possible supervisors for them are collected on this page. 32700 Students may spend months or years working on their essay. Geodesics of surface of revolution, Wenli Chang. Our main campus is situated on the Haldimand Tract, the land promised to the Six Nations that includes six miles on each side of the Grand River. Students who have earned a GPA of 3.7 or higher and taken at least 18 credits in the program have the option to write a Master's thesis under the supervision of a Mathematics … Students who have earned a GPA of 3.7 or higher and taken at least 18 credits in the program have the option to write a Master's thesis under the supervision of a Mathematics faculty member. The University of Waterloo acknowledges that much of our work takes place on the traditional territory of the Neutral, Anishinaabeg and Haudenosaunee peoples. There are three leading themes for one to commit to. Our main campus is situated on the Haldimand Tract, the land promised to the Six Nations that includes six miles on each side of the Grand River. As studies continue to show the career advancement and salary benefits of completing a master's degree, more and more students elect to pursue advanced educations. Applying Toulmin's Argumentation Framework to Explanations in a Reform Oriented Mathematics Class, Jennifer Alder Brinkerhoff. PDF MAQRM YEAR AUTHOR TITLE ADVISOR 2020 Zhao, Chen Evaluating Health Policy Effect with Generalized Linear Model and Generalized Estimating Equation Model Ban, Chunsheng 2019 Please note: The University of Waterloo is closed for all events until further notice. In certain cases involving interdisciplinary research, a second advisor outside the Department of Mathematics may be approved by the Director of Graduate Studies. If they hate the topic of the mathematics master's dissertation, they will have a … Contact Program director: prof. W. Veys Department of Mathematics Celestijnenlaan 200B 3001 Heverlee - Belgium tel: +32 (16) 32 70 92 Do you want a great intend to start writing? Phone: 519-888-4567, ext. Mathematics of Data Science and Machine Learning, Mathematical Medicine and Biology seminar, Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing seminar, Material characterization in a laboratory, What you can learn in Applied Mathematics, Mathematical Modelling of Cancer Treatments Involving Radiation Therapy and Hypoxia-Activated Prodrugs, Model for the RE-TC thalamic circuit with application to childhood absence epilepsy, Prandtl number dependence of stratified turbulence, Black Hole to White Hole Quantum Tunnelling, Model for a cortical circuit associated with childhood absence epilepsy, Particle Clustering and Sub-clustering as a Proxy for Mixing in Geophysical Flows, Kalman Filter Based Sensor Placement For Burgers Equation, Correlation and Communication via a Quantum Field, Estimation for Linear and Semi-linear Infinite-dimensional Systems, Sparse Identification of Epidemiological Models from Empirical Data, Kinodynamic Planning with μ-Calculus Specifications, Influence of the Atlantic Multidecadal Variability on the climate response to external forcing, Direct Numerical Simulations of the Degeneration and Shear Instability of Large and Small Amplitude Basin Scale Internal Waves at Varied Aspect Ratios, Finite Element Exterior Calculus with Applications to the Numerical Solution of the Green–Naghdi Equations, A Novel Diffusion-based Empirical Mode Decomposition Algorithm for Signal and Image Analysis, Gain-Scheduled Control of a Quadcopter UAV, Quantitative Approaches to the Cancer Stem Cell Hypothesis, Numerical Simulations of Shoaling Internal Solitary Waves of Elevation, A Hybrid Cellular Automata Model for the Role of Reactive Oxygen Species in Novel Tumour Treatments Strategies, Spectral Energy Balance in Convective Boundary Layers, A First Taste of Quantum Gravity Effects: Deforming Phase Spaces with the Heisenberg Double, Quantum Reference Frames and The Poincaré Symmetry, Quasi-Static Approximation for Numerical Computation of Plasmon Eigenfrequencies in Nanoparticles, Realizing Surface Driven Flows in the Primitive Equations, Port-based teleportation of continuous quantum variables, Analysis of Plasmons Sustained on the Surface of Graphene, The Instability of Mesoscale Jets in Idealized Two-Layer Models, Implementations of iterative algorithms in Hadoop and Spark, An Analysis of Stockwell Transforms, with Applications to Image Processing, Modelling Internal Solitary Waves and the Alternative Ostrovsky Equation, Honest Approximations to Realistic Fault Models and Their Applications to Efficient Simulation of Quantum Error Correction, Orthogonal Separation of The Hamilton-Jacobi Equation on Spaces of Constant Curvature, Explorations of Infinitesimal Inverse Spectral Geometry, Effects of the Dielectric Environment on the Electrical Properties of Graphene, A Covariant Natural Ultraviolet Cutoff in Inflationary Cosmology, Negative Quasi-Probability in the Context of Quantum Computation, Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Simulation of Marine Ecosystems With Applications to Ice Algae, The Impact of Internal Solitary Waves on the Nutrient Circulation System, An Implementation of the Discontinuous Galerkin Method on Graphics Processing Units, Nonlinear Wave Propagation in Brass Instruments, On the Relation between Quantum Discord and Purified Entanglement, Multi-scale Models of Tumor Growth and Invasion, A Computational Study of Pressure Driven Flow in Waste Rock Piles, Flocking for Multi-Agent Dynamical Systems, The Discontinuous Galerkin Method Applied to Problems in Electromagnetism, Application of repetitive control to the lateral motion in a roll-to-roll web system, Interaction of Brain Cancer Stem Cells and the Tumour Microenvironment: A Computational Study, Simulating lake dynamics: the effects of bathymetry and bottom drag, Pricing CPPI Capital Guarantees: A Lagrangian Framework, A Mathematical Model of the Bag-Cell Neuron in Aplysia Californica, High-Resolution Numerical Simulations of Wind-Driven Gyres, Epidemic Models with Pulse Vaccination and Time Delay, Self-Similarity of Images and Non-local Image Processing, Time-Optimal Control of Quantum Systems: Numerical Techniques and Singular Trajectories, Floating Bodies in the Absence of Gravity, Motion Planning and Observer Synthesis for a Two-Span Web Roller Machine, Stability of Impulsive Switched Systems in Two Measures, Information propagation and entanglement generation between two Unruh-DeWitt detectors, Nonlinear screening of external charge by doped graphene, Brownian Dynamics Simulation of Dusty Plasma: Comparison with Generalized Hydrodynamics, A Multilevel Method for Image Segmentation, Combination of Chemotherapy and Antiangiogenic Therapies: A Mathematical Modelling Approach, Bayesian Analysis of Intratumoural Oxygen Data, Topics in Quantum Foundations: Ontological Models, and Distinguishability as a Resource, The Influence of Mesoscale Eddies on the Internal Tide, Time-Optimal Control of Closed Quantum Systems, Mathematical Modelling of Cancer Stem Cells, Comparison of Approximation Schemes in Stochastic Simulation Methods for Stiff Chemical Systems, Solving Hyperbolic PDEs using Accelerator Architectures, The Effect of Time-Varying Boundary Conditions on the Generation of Sum and Difference Frequency Tones in a Coaxial Loudspeaker, A Mathematical Model of CA1 Hippocampal Neurons with Astrocytic Input, A Study of Infectious Disease Models with Switching, Numerical Simulation of Surface Waves using Meshfree Methods, Poincare Waves and Kelvin Waves in a Circular Lake, WKB Analysis of Tunnel Coupling in a Simple Model of a Double Quantum Dot, Unsteady Free Convection from Elliptic Tubes at Large Grashof Numbers, Bifurcation analysis of a system of Morris-Lecar neurons with time delayed gap junctional coupling, Contrasting classical and quantum theory in the context of quasi-probability, Optimal Dither and Noise Shaping in Image Processing, Gaining Information About a Quantum Channel Via Twirling, Vacuum Energy in Expanding Spacetime and Superoscillation - Induced Resonance, Bohmian Trajectories of the Two-Electron Helium Atom, Root-Locus Theory for Infinite-Dimensional Systems, Analysis of Asymptotic Solutions for Cusp Problems in Capillarity, Annular Capillary Surfaces: Properties and Approximation Techniques, The Effects of the Earth's Rotation on Internal Wave Near-resonant Triads and Weakly Nonlinear Models, Efficiency-based hp-refinement for finite element methods, Exact and Perturbed Friedmann-Lemaitre Cosmologies, Determining relaxation times for porous media: Theory, measurement, and the inverse problem, Entire Solutions to Dirichlet Type Problems, Distorted Wave Born Approximation For Inelastic Atomic Collision, Non-linear Effects on Stopping of Fast Moving Molecular Ions Through Solids, Controller Gain Optimization for Position Control of an SMA Wire, A Query-Based Approach for the Analysis of Aspect-Oriented Systems.

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