microbiology question bank

What are haptens? Classify bacteria on the basis of oxygen requirement. Mention the causative organism, mode of transmission, signs and symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis 4. 15.Write different methods of motility testing 16. Classify different sterilization methods. 4. What is enriched media? Describe bacterial growth curve. With the new appreciation of the role of microbes in human and environmental health and their potential in microbiology they work in hospitals, clinics, universities, industry and government. 26. 4. 6. 32. 7. 19. 8. 36. 10. Write general storage conditions for vaccines and sera. Mention arrangement based classification of cocci. 51.What are Psychrophilic bacteria? What is MIC? Write about methods for maintenance of pure culture. 3. Add a note on immunization programme. Mention indicators used for various sterilization methods. 38. Add a note on composition and functions of cell wall. 8. 2. Differentiate between active and passive immunity. Microbiology Quiz Question & Answers (Question Bank) Free Online Test For Medical Students like PG, PHD, Specialist exam entrance. 4. What are mixed vaccines? That was MCQ of Microbiology in pdf. 11. Give examples for disinfectants with virucidal activity 40. Write contributions of Louis Pasteur. 64. 02. Give examples. 12. 11. Classify bacteria on the basis of morphological features. What is mean generation time? 3. 14. 25. Write about microbial virulence factors. 19. 21. Describe bacterial growth curve. 19. Give examples. 8. Explain the principle, procedure, applications and demerits of sterilization using hot air oven. What are cryoprotective agents? 10. Write two differences between agglutination and precipitation reactions. Classify fungi. 10. Which of the following antifungal agent is added to sabouraud's dextrose Why are virus described as obligate parasites? 13. Which of the following is ideal for sterilization of endoscopes? 12. What is envelope in virus? Write a note on physical factors affecting growth of bacteria. Write the merits and demerits of different sterilizing filters. Differentiate between gram positive and Gram negative cell wall. Justify the importance of controls in sterility testing. Write a note on cultivation of virus. Write merit and demerit of any four preservation techniques. What is log phase of growth. GET PDF. Describe any two methods of viability counting. Which of the following serological marker is not seen in simple carriers? Enlist methods for isolation of pure culture? 20. 21. 10. Add a note on their applications. 9. 11. 1. Write the mechanism of sterilisation by hot air oven. Write time and temperature of incubation for sterility testing. Which of the following serotype of poliovirus is responsible for most of the Define immunity. 71. Explain the method for its determination 37. 65. Explain the principle involved in autoclaving. Mention any four applications of dry heat sterilization. Which of the following reaction is mediated by IgG and IgM? 47. Write merits of embryonic cultivation of virus. What is typhoid? 22. Define immunity. 1. What are different types of antigen? Mention the demerits of dry heat sterilization 22. Mention the demerits of gaseous sterilization 24. Write principle and method of microbiological assay of Vitamin B2. Please wait while the activity loads. We have put total 50 Objective Type Question Answers on Microbiology, you can practice these question answers for free. 1. Mention diagnostic tests for typhoid 18. 23. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Write principle of starch hydrolysis test. Enlist preventive measures for malaria. 8. 37. 04. 57. Differentiate between killed and live vaccines. Why are negative controls used for sterility test 31. Give examples. Differentiate between bacteria and virus. 4. Write about importance of microbial preservation technique. Name the causative organism and diagnostic test for AIDS. Give examples for disinfectants with antifungal activity 41. Microbiology Question Bank for PharmD students, academicians as prescribed by the syllabus of PCI. meningococci and gonococci? Write principle, procedure and applications of Monteuxs test 13. Define sterilisation 2. Write principle and method of microbiological assay of vitamin B12 by titrimetric method. Explain the source, mechanism of sterilisation, merit, demerits and applications of sterilization using Gamma radiations. 10. Disclaimer : We dont own this book. What is the pH of sabouraud's dextrose agar? Which of the following virus produce both intranuclear and intracytoplasmic

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