overhead drum mic placement

Lowering the microphones, or using an angle less than 90o can result in a more direct sound, although the kick and snare will always … I have a snare mic and bass drum mic as well as an sm57 and a perception 420 condenser mic. If it doesn’t sound good from the get go, it’s not going to sound good at the end. July 16th, 2013 at 11:44 am. 63 Responses to “Drum overhead microphone technique comparison” bill s. July 16th, 2013 at 6:55 am. Thanks! The mic of choice for most recording engineers when recording a kick drum is a … The other is positioned near the drummer's right shoulder, pointing directly at the snare drum from 32" away. 8th June 2007 #2. warhead . Matt Share Quote. 3 Must Know Overhead Drum Mic Placements The overhead mics need to be augmented and given preference before setting up any other sound. It requires two Cardioid microphones. Wide overheads also feel very forward, which can be great, but sometimes we want the drums (cymbals in particular) to sit a hair back in the front-to-back imaging. This technique requires that the kick drum is also equidistant from both microphones. Audio-Technica has 3 basic techniques for setting up your overhead mics for recording drums. What setting would work best? Kick drums come in lots of sizes, from big, wide Bonham-style 14″ x 26″ bass drums to … Jae talks about selecting the right drum mics and why he chooses the microphones he does. I'm wondering how you all would use a C-12 in this manner. would there be problems if use the condenser mic and the sm57 dynamic as overheads in these techniques? If the mics are very high, the capsules will point straight over the sides of the of the kit, essentially putting the entire instrument off-axis. The products On … "best placement for drum overheads" For slow thrash metal till 320 BPM slightly below the central forward portion of the lower jaw. Kick Drum. When recording drums, try to get your hands on the best sounding kit you can for your style of music. Super wide, super close overheads usually … Get new heads and pay attention to the tuning. … OK, I just bought a Peluso P12 and I would love some suggestions on placing it as a single overhead mic for drums. Placing overhead microphones is almost a separate artform, as it involves making an informed decision depending on the type of music, the sound of the drum on its own, the way a musician hits those drums, the physical properties of the venue, and what you are trying to … MIKING CYMBALS: If you … But put the drummer into a cabinet for 30 minutes, with low temperature also known as refrigerator, so he shakes involuntarily that fast. One is suspended 32'' above the center of the snare drum, pointing straight down. For me, this creates a sense of depth and an overall bigger mix. I know it is only a copy but I'm hoping the P12 will produce similar results as a single overhead. This drum overhead mic stand is perfect for anyone starting a home project studio or drummers who need overhead microphone stands for the stage. The SB96+ drum overhead mic stand has a removable 7 inch arm extension, a 40-tooth boom clutch, an extra long telescoping boom arm, a solid steel counterweight, reaches a height of 76 inches, as well as locking casters. Overhead microphone height is an important consideration in this and every technique. If you’re in a small space, then there’s a good chance you won’t need to mic up the kit at all. The tricky thing about drum mic placement for sound reinforcement is figuring out exactly what you need to mic up. This article breaks down mic placement to the individual drum pieces. The usual price is 100 dollars per mic. A setup of 3 mics that would mic your Bass drum, Snare and Tom would be approximately $350.00 for a quality set. Kick (bass) drum. In fact, you may need to isolate the drums with something like This will result in an overly roomy sound. It’s a little counterintuitive but sometimes getting the widest sounding mix actually means pulling the drum overheads into the center a bit. From 420 BPM on between the legs, and above 480 BPM you don't need a overhead at all. C-12 Single Overhead Drum mic placement? As he demonstrates how to mic up a drum kit, Jae takes some time to explain his microphone selection and placement, and why he’s making those choices. And give him a spot to play a double kick … This set-up uses an Overhead Drum Miking Technique includes the 2 overhead Pencil Condenser mics and a quality large Diaphragm Dynamic Kick Drum mic. @bill, I doubt you’ll love the SM57 as an … Use these templates as a foundation and get creative! matthew mcglynn. Remember, these are just guidelines, always defer to the judgment of your ears. This can be done by ensuring that they combine and level out the kit from the left to right, back to front and even top to bottom because each of these dimensions is crucial. By far, the biggest mic-placement challenge most live sound engineers face is choosing and placing the right drum mics.

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