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XxxNotScaredxxX : What time is it? *XxxNotScaredxxX calls all phone numbers and gets scared a bit* Me : Was it scary? Find a person. The 666 Number had nothing happen but all others are fake. They say that anyone who calls the number will die within a week in some type of accident. We were only able to determine a couple of words, but it scared the **shizzle** out of us. Yellow PagesTM, Walking Fingers & DesignTM, YP.caTM, YellowPages.caTM, Canada411TM, are trademarks of Yellow Pages Digital & Media Solutions Limited in Canada. Narrator : 1 hour later. If you called it, you would hear a male voice telling you that if you did not call 15 or more people and tell them about the cursed number, you would die. Peter Cat Catering Corp is a Florida Domestic Profit Corporation filed on May 20, 2009. YES . When she called this number we all heard the “Susie’s dying” message. *Hugs each other* The end. Take a look at our selection of products to find which is right for you. I was with three other girls from school and we were messing around in a phone box, calling random numbers. XxxNotScaredxxX : Well I guess I’m staying the night. Me : Amazing! Me : XxxNotScaredxxXX is here! Some people believe these phone calls come from the devil. XxxNotScaredxxX : Not that scary. Toll Free. This is a fake story. XxxNotScaredxxX’s Mom : Son we are leaving! From that point on, any attempt to call the number resulted in a prerecorded message which simply stated “outside network coverage.”. Peter Cat - Menu (9) Disclaimer: Peter Cat, Park Street menu is collected from restaurant / received over email. You could hear a woman speaking in a curiously monotone voice, saying “Help me, help me, Susie’s dying!” over and over. (rev 20201117.1150). Email [email protected] Phone. *car stops* Me : I now have a phone! Me: Let me tell you something scary. 1800 111 440. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Dial Code. Narrator : The end. XxxNotScaredxxX : Bye. Passer en français / Switch to French language, Yellow Pages Digital & Media Solutions Limited. Not only did you get a decent wish, you just found your loophole! When the call was picked up, you would hear a woman’s voice saying, over and over, “Help Me, Help Me, Susie’s Dying.”, “Back in 1975 when I was 9 years old, some of the kids I hung around with insisted we all pile into the nearest phone box to hear a spooky message. where I live (Arizona) the number 999 999 9999 is just a law firm, Yeah, @ilovethebackyardigans, just be like, “I wish to have an amazing life, including the facts that I will live until I am at least 102 and never getting sick.”. In later versions on DVD/video, the number was changed to a 555 number. Me : Ok *XxxNotScaredxxX tells scary phone numbers and I call them* Me : Walk me to the bathroom. Phone Number Phone lookup Phone lookup +1. 0888 888 888. Me : I forgot something! To Ilovethebackyardigans : You can’t die. Please enter a Town. XxxNotScaredxxX : I have to get dressed! In the USA, there is an urban legend about the phone number 666. Toromont Cat - Peterborough - phone number, website & address - ON - Tractor Dealers. Peter Cat gives you the most idealistic combination of well-tossed ingredients and seasonal garnishing that make you drool over the dishes and crave for more. In Japan, the number 4 (shi) sounds like the word for “death” (shi). Powered by WordPress. In Pakistan, people were warning each other not to pick up calls from numbers that appeared on the screen in red. Several minutes later he received a voice mail. All Rights Reserved. Copyright © 2020 Yellow Pages Digital & Media Solutions Limited. @She-Devil did it really I tried and nothing happened, Long ago i dialed 666 on my sister’s phone and the line said- “You are not allowed to call this number.”. Therefore menu of Peter Cat, Park Street is subject to change and dineout does not guarantee the accuracy of menu items at Peter Cat, Park Street. Business hours, Mon-Fri. Email [email protected] Phone (03) 8559 5021 . Please enter a Town. Do you already own a Cat Phone? In many cases, the calls do not show up on the phone bill. WARNING: We recommend that you DO NOT call these numbers. A reverse phone search will allow you to see if a phone is really registered to a person as well as if it is a VOIP phone line. The first man who owned the number died of an aggressive form of cancer. Phone numbers are always registered to a phone provider and a person. Sometimes she said “Help me, help me, Susie’s drowning!” always in the same monotonous voice.”, “I can remember cramming into a phone box with various other kids to hear the strange “Susie’s dying” message. This is a fake story. Me : Ok. XxxNotScaredxxX’s Mom : Bye XxxNotScaredxxX! No one has rated or reviewed this business yet! Me and XxxNotScared : Bye. When the third owner of the number was also shot to death in the street, nobody else wanted anything to do with the number and the mobile phone company (Mobitel) had to suspend it. For years, people all over the world have been receiving creepy messages from the phone numbers 666-666-6666 or 1-666-666-6666. XxxNotScaredxxX : Yeah. Please enter a Surname. Street Search. Phone Number . Cat® S42 . If you call it and make a wish, your wish will be granted. *Tells scary phone numbers* Narrator : 20 minutes later. Someone please answer my question! According to an urban legend in Thailand, 999-9999 is a cursed number. Our Phone book of names, phone numbers and addresses will help you locate anyone, anywhere. In most cases, we can pull the persons name that a phone is linked to. There were reports that dozens of people had already been killed by answering calls from these sinister numbers. This number was set up to promote the horror movie Carrie. In Japan, the number 090-4444-4444 was known as “Sadako’s Number”.

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