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Figures and IllustrationsWe strongly prefer that graphics be incorporated into the main file wherever possible. Footnotes should be used, not endnotes. Example: Keeley, Brian L. 2000. 1906/1954. The European Journal of Philosophy of Science publishes groundbreaking works that can deepen understanding of the concepts and methods of the sciences, as they explore increasingly many facets of the world we live in. The first page of the paper should contain the title, immediately followed by the abstract, immediately followed by text of the paper. Therefore, the causes assigned to natural effects of the same kind must be, so far as possible, the same. To simplify the submission process, please upload your manuscripts through Quick Submission. The right margin should be ragged. The bibliographical list of cited references must be headed “References” and placed on a new page after the main text (i.e., insert a page break before the list of references). Check that the paper has no running headers or footers with your name. Italicize the journal name, but not the volume and issue number. Discussion NotesDiscussion Notes, more restricted in scope than articles, engage with and provide focused commentary on a recently published article, or result, of high interest to the philosophy of science community. Philosophy of Science will not use your personal information for any reason that is not related to your business with the journal, nor will we sell, rent, or give it to any other person or organization. Omit acknowledgements or references to personal communication with other academics. Green Option:Philosophy of Science authors have the right to post a copy of their final typeset article on their personal or institutional Web server or personal social media page, provided that the server is non-commercial and there are no charges for access. Check that the paper has no running headers or footers with your name. Quick Submission. File FormatAcceptable submission formats are determined by the Editorial Manager software. We strongly prefer that graphics be incorporated into the main file wherever possible. Book and journal titles are italicized. There is no "p." or "page" preceding the page number. The minimum resolution for graphics files should be 300 dpi. Articles are limited to 9,500 words all inclusive (title, abstract, footnotes, citations). “Some Model- Theoretic Results in Measurement Theory.” Technical Report 146, Institute for Mathematical Studies in the Social Sciences, Stanford University. "West Coast Fuzzy: Why We Don't Know How Brains Work." Authors may choose to also publish their figures in colour in the print journal: you will be asked to approve this cost after your article … Herbert Feigl, Grover Maxwell, and Michael Scriven, 3–36. Essay ReviewsEssay reviews, longer than standard book reviews, critically engage with the content of a recent book publication. The author will maintain the right to put an electronic pre-print copy of the paper on a personal web site. File formats must be PDF (for submission only), Microsoft Word, TeX, or LaTeX. In light of this, we have made a selection of the most cited articles from the journal free to read online. In places where you are referring to multiple texts by a single author, separate years with commas: For many texts by multiple authors, use semicolons to separate authors: (Marx 1982; Eliot 1983; Fudd 1992; Duck 1993), (Marx 1982, 1983; Fudd 1992, 1995; Fudd and Hare 1996; Duck 1999). Discussion Notes are normally limited to 4,000 words all inclusive (title, abstract, footnotes, citations). Please go ahead and double-check your references now. If you send us figures in a separate file, please make sure that: In order for an accepted paper to be published, the paper must conform to the conventions of the Chicago Manual of Style. Example: Duhem, Pierre. List references alphabetically by senior author. 1995. Vol. Professional Standards Submissions that do not take into account the existing literature on th… Acceptable submission formats are determined by the Editorial Manager software. It is of direct interest to philosophers of science coming from different perspectives, as well as scientists, citizens and policymakers. The latest Journal Citation Reports (Source Clarivate, 2020) have been released and we are pleased to announce that The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science’s latest Impact Factor is 2.605. If the context clearly specifies the reference, the year and page number are sufficient: Jones's theory (1974, 25) contradicts his earlier account (1965). Example: Feigl, Herbert, Grover Maxwell, and Michael Scriven, eds. Include author, period, year, period, open quote, title (including subtitle) nonitalicized, period, closing quote, name and number of series, general editor(s) if a series, comma, name of department, comma, name of university, period (or, if not a university, then name of institution, comma, city, period). This slows down production, and in the end saves you no time. The submission will only be forwarded to the editor after you have approved the submitted files. ", "My argument in section 2 applies here as well. Spacing: All text should be double-spaced, including the text in footnotes, references, picture legends, etc. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press. The submission should not have been previously published and should not be currently under review elsewhere. 1. Give any variables the style they should display, e.g., italics, bold, or unusual fonts. Discursive footnotes should be avoided; incorporate material in the body of the text whenever possible. All figures must be drawn and lettered with a professional appearance. ", "As I have argued elsewhere..."Correction: "As Jones (2001) has argued...", "As I argue in (Jones 2001). Philosophy of Science authors also have the right to deposit a copy of their article in a non-commercial data repository maintained by an institution of which they are a member, after an embargo period of twelve (12) months and provided all relevant conditions described in the Guidelines have been met. *Note that these rules do not include submissions related to the PSA biennial meetings, which are handled separately by the PSA Program Chair and do not count against ordinary article submission quotas. city of publication (if needed: comma, state), colon, publisher, period. You will be required to preview and approve the built file before the submission is complete. The author will retain certain rights to use the paper in the author’s scholarly, teaching, and research activities, as described in the Guidelines for Journal Authors' Rights and in the Publication Agreement. The instructions below sometimes refer to sections in the 17th edition (abbreviated CMS). All authors have the right to satisfy funder open-access requirements using the Green Option, free of charge. Example: Burian, Richard M., Jean Gayon, and Doris Zallen. "Novel Evidence and Severe Tests." In these instances, there is no embargo period. The Journal for General Philosophy of Science (JGPS) is a forum for original research and discussion in the philosophy of science. Examples: "ipso facto," "i.e.," "ad hoc," "a priori". The font should be the same size (12 point) as the main text.

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