practice gerund or infinitive

Booking The … Alicia enjoys (watch) soap operas on television. to swim . For the gerund and infinitive exercises below you have to decide if you need the gerund: verb + ing e.g. Complete the following exercise with gerund or infinitive forms of the indicated verbs. B2 Gerunds and infinitives is an exercise at an upper intermediate level of English which focuses on vocabulary and grammar. Practice 1: verbs which take both gerunds and infinitives (A2-B1) Choose the correct verb form to complete each of these sentences. 4. Gerund and Infinitive Exercises - Quiz 1 . Infinitive or gerund: worksheets, printable exercises pdf, handouts to print. Learn about using verbs with gerunds and infinitives.. She refuses … For some, either the gerund or infinitive is possible. Grammarbank is one of the best websites (practice) English grammar. Verbs with infinitives and gerunds. B. Ali's Story. Gerund - Infinitive . or the infinitive: to + verb e.g. B1 Gerund and Infinitive GI011 Fill in the correct form: Gerund or Infinitive (with or without "TO") 1. • afford • agree • appear • arrange • beg • choose • decide • expect • fail • help (also without to) • hesitate • … 2. Online Exercises on the use of the gerund as well as the infinitive with and without "TO". Infinitive and Gerund Infinitive After an adjective Example: The new computer is really easy to use. It Is good practice for Part 4 of the Reading and Use of English section the Cambridge B2 First Exam. Play this game to review Grammar. 3. 1. Stories for Gerunds and Infinitives (directly below) Warm-up Questions; Clarifying Questions Activity; Some rules in English just need to be memorized. She decided (move) in another city. Grammar resources for esl. It's impossible _____ on this pitch because the ball won't bounce. swimming. Levels of Difficulty: Elementary Intermediate Advanced B2 Gerunds and infinitives Among these are which verbs (and adjectives and adverbs) should be followed by a gerund, which by an infinitive… A gerund is a form of a verb that acts as a _____. After certain verbs (with to) Example: He refused to pay the bill.

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