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You will manage a multi-phase multi-task project as described below. Topics. You may use the Project Priority Evaluation Form provided to help you post scores and rankings for the Film Prioritization Case. Earned Value Exercise Su-Cheng Wu MET AD 644: Project Risk, and Cost Management Paul B. Cook, PhD PMP . This is Program Evaluation Research Technique Acknowledgement: I have adapted the format and some ideas from the PowerPoint slides of Dr. C. Lightner of Fayetteville State University, but most of the mathematical solutions and method I have These project management (PM) practices are transferable to other types of projects (beyond IT) that would benefit from project management. Solution Manual for Project Management 7th Edition By Larson https://testbanku. Module 3: Resource Planning & Budgeting. The IT Project Management Practices Guide (Guide) contains a repeatable, institution-wide approach for the management of application development and/or software procurement and deployment projects. Videos for Problem Exercises. Length (Mins)Worksheets. Full file at Exercise 1. Exercises. Exercise #1 Project Management using Microsoft Project I. At the end of day 6 you do an analysis and you determine the job is 70% complete and you have spent $65,000. Microsoft Project is available for you to use as a Project Management tool Tools for Activity Planning and Network Analysis. Earned Value Exercise 2 Case 1: Background: You have a project that is scheduled to be completed in 10 days at a budgeted cost of $100,000. Objective This assignment familiarizes you with the project management software Microsoft Project. May be inputted into project management software • Final WBS plan is called baseline WBS . Film Prioritization Exercise - Read the Film Prioritization Case, pages 49-53, in the text (4/e) and view the Film Prioritization video. Project Scheduling with Uncertain Activity Times (as in exercises 7, 8 and 9 in the handout). What you learn from this exercise … You will learn how to create graphic output about your project, and learn how to read information produced by Microsoft Project. Chapter 10 Project Scheduling: Lagging, Crashing, and Activity Networks 269 Chapter 11 Critical Chain Project Scheduling 318 Chapter 12 Resource Management 355 Chapter 13 Project Evaluation and Control 414 Chapter 14 Project Close-Out and Termination 455

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