prs paul's guitar 2020

But launched at the same time is the Asian-made SE version at a ‘champion-of-the-people’ price of just £799/$999. You’d be hard pressed to find another acoustic-electric guitar with this build quality for under $1,000. In addition, it has a thin body profile that makes it extremely comfortable to play. The main differences between the PRS CE 24 and the PRS Core Custom 24 are the maple bolt-on neck instead of a mahogany set-neck, less elaborate finish options, and a thinner body with less of a carved top. Read Also: Cheap Vs Expensive Electric Guitars: What’s the Difference? They also have extremely elaborate finish options which jack up the price quite a bit. Top 10 Best PRS Guitar Reviews in 2020. by LA Opera. In addition, the PRS SE Hollowbody II has a similar shape but as the name would imply, has a hollow body. It’s a lot of guitar for the money. England and Wales company registration number 2008885. PRS even have their own rating system for woods with the best of the best being labeled a 10-Top. It features the same 85/15 S pickups that you get in the PRS SE Custom 24 model models which have excellent clarity and sound quality even when you’re playing at high gain. In simple terms, the guitars appear pretty similar, centred on the original PRS scale of 635mm (25 inches) with a 22-fret rosewood fingerboard, a mahogany neck and body back topped off with a centre-joined slab of figured maple - even the pickups and electrics appear the same in terms of function. The PRS Custom 24 is Paul Reed Smith's claim to fame. PRS has relatively few body shapes, but the classic double-cut outline comes in many flavours and is constantly tweaked and upgraded in the ongoing pursuit of creating a … 73. While these guitars definitely don’t come cheap, if you can shell out the cash, the PRS Custom 24 can pretty much last you a lifetime. Today, the top of the line Paul Reed Smith Private Stock, Core, CE and S2 guitars are still American made in their Maryland factories. If you want a PRS guitar that looks and feels more like a traditional Les Paul, then you can opt for the PRS SE 245. It doesn’t sound like it needs that at the bridge, though; it’s a pretty good, quite balanced hot-vintage voice. You don’t NEED to spend thousands of dollars to get a professional quality guitar. This iconic guitar is Paul Reed Smith’s claim to fame. However, with all of the different options available today, it can be different to determine which is the best PRS guitar for your specific use case. It’s the same bridge used on the core Paul’s Guitar: machined aluminium with aged-looking brass stud posts and steel insets in the body. In fact, its specifications are essentially the same as the PRS SE Custom 24, just without the flamed maple top. Your email address will not be published. If you were interested in a PRS SE Custom 24, but want to save about $250, then definitely check out the PRS SE Standard 24. And while it’s an excellent guitar in every regard, it’s definitely not 5 times better than a PRS SE Custom 24 as the price tag would suggest. In terms of PRS guitar offerings, the PRS SE Standard is the most affordable, right under the PRS SE Custom line of guitars. Every PRS Guitar, regardless of whether it’s an American made PRS Core or an import PRS SE, has stunning attention to detail, high-quality materials and construction, and clear sounding pickups. If you can handle the plainer look without the flamed maple top, then definitely opt for this guitar over the Custom. This means you’re getting all the consistency, features, and value that you would expect from PRS. If you’re on a tight budget, but still want to get your hands on a PRS guitar, then the PRS SE Standard 24 is an excellent entry point into the world of PRS Guitars. It’s similar to the current CE, although the actual concave dishing is narrower here. These pickups have massive output and clarity, making them ideal for high-gain music. This guitar is essentially the same exact build quality and design as a PRS SE Custom 24, but in a baritone version.

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