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Shares. Electrics & Basses; Core; Bolt-On; S2 Electrics; SE Electrics; Core Bass; SE Bass; Acoustics; Private Stock; SE Acoustics; Amplifiers; Archon; Grissom; Mayer; MT 15; Sonzera; 2020 SE Electric Models. Limited colour choice. The best SE yet? Discussion in 'Electric Instruments' started by C_corie, Jul 21, 2020. Oddly, unlike all of Santana's USA models, this has a 22-fret fingerboard instead of a 24-fretter. PRS SE Humbucker Pickup Rings … PRS #6 Pickups Zebra Bobbins from 1990's. I really actually like my 59/09 and dragons in my 2014 CU24 and 1997 CE22(compared to the SE pickups), I just can’t justify spending almost as much as the guitar is worth. The stock pickups are I’m guessing....the 245 SE pickups? The Santana recipe, you see, predates PRS: the original guitars Smith made for Santana basically used the outline of the double-cut Gibson Les Paul Junior/Special, but added a carved maple cap and vibrato. HARDWARE: PRS designed Stoptail bridge; PRS design tuners; nickel hardware, soapbar treble pickup, and volume control. They both use Alnico V magnets and neither has covers, so it seems that the names are the same and not much else! The SE Santana has the usual trademark cutaway to make dusty end access easy. My first set was a custom wound humbucker set for an LP (a Pagey II neck and a Duanebucker bridge, both with some minor tweaks to get exactly what I wanted). 4.9 out of 5 stars (7 ... Creme Guitar Part Paul Reed Smith. Pros Original PRS-inspired recipe. $10.00 shipping. Neck pickup. ... Pups for a PRS SE santana? No, it's not the 'real thing' but for many musicians it'll do just fine: a great working guitar, ergonomic, versatile, perfectly weighted and easily upgradeable. (You must log in or sign up to post here. $210.00 New. Good craft. Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury, They both use Alnico II magnets and both have covers. Outwardly, it would appear that it's just the body outline; the Santana's shape is more bulbous in the lower bouts, the upper horn stubbier, less graceful than the classic lines of the Custom. There was a problem. It is beautiful and sounds great. We think so. $20.00 New. Bath ). But, they were stuff he had already built, not custom wound for me. Joined: Jul 9, 2020 Messages: 29 Likes Received: 47. Like the Custom 24, we get 'old-school' birds cleanly inlaid on the very dark rosewood fingerboard and the nicely fitted frets that are slightly lower in height than on the USA models. "We are referring to them as '245' pickups because we plan to use them on different models. Its basic construction is identical, however, with a very tidily jointed three-piece mahogany back (32.5mm thick) topped with a slab of maple and faced with a thin flamed maple veneer to emulate the much more expensive all-solid slabs of figured 'curly' maple that are PRS's visual hallmark. This again features a mahogany, double cut away body, SE pickups that were approved and designed by Santana, 24 frets and a stunning maple top. This stripped- down solidbody had little of PRS's cosmetic style and was swiftly upgraded in 2002. It's fitting then that 10 years on from the birth of the successful SE range, Santana should get another signature model, this time inspired by the original Paul Reed Smith guitars with which Santana is synonymous. I have a '17 SE Santana (the yellow one with the knobs in the Core Santana location) and describe the pickups the same … … ", Confusingly they have different specs to the existing USA-made 245 humbuckers. Cons Vibrato set-up. The top is lightly contoured too, the outer edges subtly chamfered - not arched like the USA models, but not flat like the SE Custom - and we have the usual belly cut on the back. So I made a quick test video, more for my new microphone/Shure interface; but I did use the Santana and for “vague high gain” it really doesn’t sound bad. BODY: Mahogany. Luckily PRS, makes a more affordable, but still amazing, Santana model (they actually make two!). BA1 1UA. SE Electrics. However, this isn't unusual for non-PRS guitars and is no deal-breaker for us. Please refresh the page and try again. This again features a mahogany, double cut away body, SE pickups that were approved and designed by Santana, 24 frets and a stunning maple top. It has the same pickups as the Santana, SE 245's, but it sounds really different, more bright and powerful than the Santana. 2 watching. The neck pickup is more mellow, being the "bass" pickup. PRS Paul Reed Smith Vintage Inspired 57/08 Bass Pickup Nickel. But PRS standard models, as well as private stock guitars, often command hefty price tags and can be unrealistically hard some players' wallets. The Other PRS Guitars. $49.95 . This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. PRS Santana Retro 10-Top - Trampas Green . Beyond the USA-made models, it was Santana's name that was used to launch the SE (Student Edition) Korean-made PRS line in 2001. The standatrd of finish is as impeccable as ever. It took a while (he's a busy guy), but when I got them, I couldn't believe how perfectly he had nailed the sound I described. Who is the best online music tech personality of 2020? Santana SE One Abraxas. It would be hard to pigeonhole this to a specific genre outside of simply classic rock: with a good amp tone and volume, tone and pickup adjustments any player young or old will find loads of sounds here. "There are plenty of zinging highs that make for some bell-like clean rhythm tones with both pickups on and the volume reduced.". 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I'm pretty certain that the SE245 pickups in the Santana, Marsden, Akesson, are A5 magnets, the USA SC245 pups are A2 and a different wind altogether. It was Santana's use of Paul Reed Smith's hand-made guitars in the early eighties that gave the fledgling guitar maker real credibility, although it wasn't until 1995 - 10 years into the life of Smith's company - that those original guitars were replicated for a wider market. Select A Series. I mean he absolutely nailed what I heard and wanted. We check over 130 million products every day for the best prices. You will receive a verification email shortly. Overall, it's slightly thinner (46mm) than the US models; so it feels quite compact and is perfectly weighted at 3.6kg (8lbs). Speaking of backplates, it might have been nicer, as on the original Santana guitars, to leave off the vibrato's rear cover altogether. Build. The pickups are quoted on PRS's website as being 'Santana humbuckers'. BODY: Carved artist grade maple top with rippled abalone purfling and mahogany back. Forums > Guitars and Amplifiers > Electric Instruments > Pickups for Santana SE standard? $849.00 $ 849.

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