southern sausage gravy recipe

I have been trying different recipes and brands of ingredients. Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. It’s unfortunate that many cooks and restaurants north of the mason-dixon serve up a grey goop and call it sausage gravy. You can buy all the gravy mixes you want but, go ahead and learn how to make your own, you’ll never be disappointed. If you happen to see any lumps, try breaking them up with your spoon and continue to stir them until they’re all gone. Cook sausage until done. I also shared it with a friend of mine and she loved it. Amount is based on available nutrient data. Just found your site Steve, look forward to trying your recipes, as I am just learning to cook. Learn how to season this Southern kitchen staple in five easy steps. You know the old saying, “Practice makes Perfect.” Don’t give up, keep trying and you’ll be cooking all kinds of great things in not time at all. Continue to stir and let the mixture cook for a minute or two, don’t let it burn. I appreciate the step-by-step process – you’ve made it look delicious! Hi Shannon, I really don’t think you’ll notice much difference by using skim milk. The most recent was for a family reunion breakfast!!! Add the sages, poultry seasoning, salt and pepper. -Steve, Hi Shannon, I’m thankful you found our website and I do hope you had the chance to make the Sausage Gravy. All I had in the house for heat was a wood fired kitchen stove and a Ben Franklin in the living room. 1st time making sausage gravy! Thank you for your great website and tutorials, they are wonderful! Tennessee pride I’ve found to work the best, My husband was in Arkansas and got to experience biscuits and gravy. ★☆ I’m sure you could even add a little more milk and heat it up in a saucepan if you had a bigger amount leftover. Let the gravy and sausage simmer for a minute or two until it reaches the desired consistency. Also, the longer it cooks, the more brown it becomes and, that determines whether you have a light gravy or dark gravy in the end. Hi Shannon, I’m happy to hear you liked the Sausage Gravy. Required fields are marked *, Rate this recipe We’re using 4 Tablespoons of Flour for our roux. Whew. A roux is made from equal parts fat & flour BY WEIGHT, not volume. Also a quick question, we usually use skim milk in our household. Have you overcome the “lumps” by now? So naturally coming to New York, I want everyone to taste some rich southern food. Gradually whisk in milk, and cook, whisking constantly, 5 to 7 minutes or until thickened. As far as the black pepper specks goes, if I ever see sausage gravy without the black specks I get disappointed. Fortunately, I was able to stir it out and continued to add the milk until I had it all incorporated into the skillet. I love the way you not only give the things you need for the recipe but the step by step instructions…bless you! I’ll be waiting to hear how it turned out and whether you liked it or not. This is what it looks like when it starts getting too thick…too fast. I used some local Mennonite sausage they made up for me with 50% less sodium, and the results were delicious (esp. Ground Sausage: I like using ground country sausage, but plain ground sausage will work to for this southern sausage gravy recipe. R. I haven’t read all comments so forgive me if someone already brought this up. Just wanted to say Thank you, I love this recipe . I will try this recipe again and see how I do. Thank you again for sharing your comments and results. ★☆ Thank you for your comments, I greatly appreciate you taking the time to leave them. Be Blessed!!! I will be trying this recipe and process tomorrow morning, so I hope I can make my forth time hit the southern taste bud.

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