spousal maintenance singapore

When a couple files for divorce in Singapore, the law requires the husband to provide his ex-wife with maintenance towards her living after the divorce. Generally, it is the wife who is entitled to receive maintenance during marriage and/or after divorce. This duty applies even to divorced parents. This is a provision under the Women’s Charter. The Singapore Courts understand this need and the need for Spousal Maintenance. The duty to pay spousal maintenance post-divorce is found in Section 7 of the Divorce Act, 70 of 1979. All parents in Singapore are under a legal duty to maintain their children. Wife Maintenance . The Singapore court is empowered to order a man to pay maintenance to his wife or former wife, either during matrimonial proceedings, or after divorce, judicial separation or nullity of marriage has been finalised. At this present moment, there is no corresponding provision under Singapore law for a wife to pay maintenance to her husband/ex-husband. Spousal maintenance (also be known as alimony to some), is one spouse legal obligation to provide financial support to the other spouse. She is a Family Law Specialist assisting clients in all areas of matrimonial law including property settlement, spousal maintenance, parenting matters, child support and financial agreements. This duty arise in two ways: Section 7(1) of the Act provides that the court, when granting a decree of divorce, may in accordance with the written agreement between the parties, make an order with regard to the payment of maintenance by one spouse to the other. Likewise, a woman may also be ordered to pay maintenance to her husband if … Spousal maintenance can either be paid on a periodic basis or calculated as a lump sum payment. She regularly represents clients both within Singapore and overseas in countries such as Australia, Hong Kong, India, United Kingdom, UAE and USA. If you are applying to enforce an existing maintenance order, you must bring a copy of that order when you come to the Court to file your Magistrate’s Complaint. Spousal Maintenance in Singapore. We offer a no-obligation consultation so that you can understand your options before proceeding. Spousal Maintenance. If you need advice on spousal maintenance in Singapore, contact us today. In Singapore, pursuant to Section 113 of the Women’s charter, the court may order the husband to pay maintenance to his wife/ex-wife either before granting or subsequent to the grant of a judgment of divorce. If you meet these conditions, you may file an application for maintenance in the same way that you would if the Respondent lived in Singapore. It was only recently that the Singaporean … The law of spousal maintenance is provided in the Women’s Charter.

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