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Customers are searching for words like “landscape,” “snowcapped mountains,” etc. Shooting something that you’re interested in will keep you motivated. This means you can sell these photos with a commercial license. I wish I got into stock photography much earlier than I did because it requires commitment, time, and energy to be successful. Search for trends and patterns in their work. © 2013-2020 Shutterstock Inc. All rights reserved. Focus on a story you want to tell. Upload your images weekly, keep up with trends, and love what you do. That is, I believe, the only way to have any kind of longevity in this fickle industry. The stock photography market is so saturated that it can be difficult to get your photos in front of buyers. Gear: Nikon D3S camera, Nikon 24-70mm lens. Wrong! Dutourdumonde Photography (Thomas Dutour), What is Stock? Pick some subjects you are passionate about. What kind of advertisement can I see it in?” I’m trying to look to the future and make a photo that a potential buyer can’t pass by. Like everything else in life, if you enjoy what you are doing, you will be successful. Settings: Focal length 75mm; exposure 1/25 sec; f3.2; ISO 160. Gear: Canon 5D Mark III camera, Canon 16-35mm f4 lens. Well-lit images often convey positive emotion. Editorial licenses are less restrictive, but the use of the photos is more limited. Advertisers like this and will buy feel-good photos. What makes them work? Image by indira’s work (Iryna Kalchenko). Stock photography keeps me searching for shots all day long, and I find myself looking for places and compositions that I might not see otherwise. There are two basic types of stock photo license. For those who are just starting out: practice, practice, practice! Gear: Canon 60D camera, Canon 24-105 f/4L IS USM lens. Over the years the digital stock photography industry has gone through many changes. There is no point uploading photos if you don’t add appropriate keywords. And if you haven’t already, download the Shutterstock Contributor Success Guide in your language for reference before your next shoot. No matter what genres we are shooting, we must put our heart and passion into it and explore the possibilities. © 2006 - 2020 Digital Photography School, All Rights Presets can help make this easier. Stock photography offers many advantages to a photographer and allows you to work independently. It is more important to be an authentic artist than it is to try to please every commercial client or current fad in the industry. “Although I travel as often as I can, a lot of my best-selling images were shot within an hour of my … Halim Hadi. In 2017, we interviewed more than 250 Shutterstock/Offset contributors about the ins and outs of stock photography. Think about how you can rework older stock photos that have been very popular to make them more current. Settings: Exposure 1/800 sec; f9; ISO 200. If you can find successful stock photographers who work in the same niche as you, this is great. This is still no excuse for not submitting technically correct photos. Use the awesome Shutterstock Tools that allow you to see what search terms customers used to lead them to some of the images you sold. Also, take the time to edit each photograph, as every photo needs at least some post-production to add contrast, saturation, and sharpening. And one more thing that is very important: you should create a good team. Settings: Focal length 175mm; exposure 1/100 sec; f4.5; ISO 200. Having model releases makes photos of people more practical for buyers. Before shoots, I carry out a ton of research to identify concepts that are globally relevant and universal. They will encourage those of you thinking of dabbling in the stock photography market. Clarity in your photographs is important to … Image by Sander van der Werf. A casual approach will bring casual returns. Make sure to produce some photos from every session that have more light than you would normally use, especially if your photos tend to be dark and moody. Are they different?

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