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Its unknown the price of the first sale, but the most second was placed in the inventory of an online store for $500, and at that selling point was quickly snatched. Required fields are marked *, Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Sorry to rez the dead but I happened to find a pristine (but opened) copy of Ikaruga and Bangai-O for five bucks at a store today. Just in case anyone was wondering what the scores where back in the day, here they are: HAISUKOARANKINGU Tournament Final Results! Capcom Europe have let me know there was a promo copy released. Sonic Adv. Check for Mars Matrix on eBay Accordingly, here are the 10 rarest Sega Dreamcast games and how much they’re worth. Aero Wings 2 The complexity of the game system and the controls often leads to frustration. Project Justice, the second title in the franchise, is a fighter that’s full of strange and unique characters. For this reason, the game is still a real rarity and commonly goes for $150-250 and that’s just for a used version that’s complete in box. Check for Giga Wing on Amazon. Capcom's Rival Schools fighting franchise (known as Project Justice in North America) never quite caught on as much as it should have. The game was released on other formats later, but these are considered by most to be inferior to the original Dreamcast release. Rival Schools 2, known as Project Justice in North America, obviously built on the original and remains as one of Capcom’s most popular (with a rather nice following) 3D fighters. Unfortunately this makes the game more funny than scary, though the large resource system is probably meant to make up for it. I’ve got 1 of the 5 Bangai-O prized edition collectable. So you can check out the list of most valuable games here. Check for Tech Romancer on Amazon. A third auction settled in 2011 for $811, but there were suspicions about its legitimacy. Illbleed is one of the Dreamcast’s most original and overlooked titles. Finding one CIB is a bit tough these days. Check out the other installments of the Rare and Valuable Games series. However, Project Justice was released in North America after the Dreamcast's discontinuation had been announced, which wasn't much of a purchasing incentive. Photo courtesy of @giga_force on Instagram. These games were like a Japanese drama interactive game or something and unfortunately they cannot be played at all with the servers down as online connectivity was required to play. To help incentivize pre-orders in North America, Sega offered a Limited Edition that had a special marking on the cover and included a soundtrack CD. Evolution 2: Far Off Promise was a sequel to one of the early Dreamcast RPGs. This is all occurring while Project Justice remains a Dreamcast exclusive. While it is a solid shooter of good pedigree, it didn’t really innovate much from a gameplay or visuals perspective from its Sega Saturn predecessor. It has since seen releases on more modern consoles, but the value of the Dreamcast game remains steady over the past decade. It helps that the game remains a console exclusive on the Shmup-heavy Dreamcast. If you’re thinking about building a complete Dreamcast library, you might want to keep an eye out for these. The Dreamcast already had one of the best 2D fighting game lineups among consoles, but it is hard to be complete without a solid port of an installment of Street Fighter II. It was fairly common in the North American dreamcast library, but it quite the rarity in PAL regions. I have an almost complete PAL set and one of the titles I found hard to come by was Monaco Racing Simulation 2 online edition, I did some digging and apparently even the developers themselves weren’t aware it was released! The first is the average daily selling price, which is typically the going rate for the game by itself. It's not incredibly unique, but it's still a polished experience that stresses out the gamer as they try to stay on top of the rain of bullets that come down. The title is quirky and fun, but its price has more to do with its scarcity than the quality. And the gameplay is as good as it gets. Phantom Air Mission £400. The Sega Saturn is definitely one of the leading consoles among hardcore classic gamers. Place Scores Names IDs Discover the rarest and more valuable games of all time. Interestingly enough, Project Justice has decreased in value a bit since it topped the Dreamcast North American value charts in 2008. But I’ve 2 Project Justices and a few other Capcom brawlers as white labels too. Anywho, I’m surprised Sonic Adv. The Dreamcast version still remains the only North American physical copy of the game outside of the Neo Geo. 2nd 45031129 TOM-like AABD0 While it did not get the attention of Street Fighter 2 and the Alpha series, Street Fighter 3: Third Strike is one of the best installments in the series, especially when it comes to finely-tuned tournament players. ... Dreamcast had solid games back at its time before it died out of nowhere. This racing game modeled after a French film is known for being the only Dreamcast game exclusive to France. The Dreamcast is a perfect example of a console that had relatively low commercial success, but a huge underground following after its death. Gunbird 2 is a 2D scrolling shooter courtesy of Capcom and Psikyo that continues the franchise which previously had been released on the Sega Saturn. Price ranges shows are for games with case and manual since there are limited disc-only copies. The Sega Dreamcast was the last console ever made by Sega. Your email address will not be published. Illbleed has never made its way over to any other consoles, so the fact that it’s locked away on the Dreamcast is why it’s seen as such a relic. Check for Street Fighter III Third Strike on eBay The interesting thing is that the disc itself still has the devil images on its artwork. It's a Dreamcast game, after all. Skies of Arcadia wasn’t always an expensive and rare title, but now a new in box copy costs between $250-300 and a complete in box used copy is still $150. Bangai-O is a chaotic multi-directional shooter that's an absolute onslaught and a real challenge even for shooter veterans. Disclaimer: while reasonable effort is made to ensure that the information provided on is accurate and current, no guarantees for the currency or accuracy of information are's information is provided "as is", without warranty of any kind, whether expressed or implied. Even though the game was included on the Street Fighter Anniversary Collection for the PS2 and XBox, and had HD remakes on XBLA and PSN, the Dreamcast version is still in strong demand. The Rarest and Most Valuable Sega Dreamcast Games Treasured Standard USA Releases. Instead of giving up potential sales, UbiSoft decided to make a cover variant of the game that had a more minimal text and flame-based logo. The Dreamcast version ended up on store shelves more than six months after the Dreamcast’s demise and quickly ended up on clearance shelves. Check out the other installments of the Rare and Valuable Games series. There’s been a renewed interest in the Dreamcast as of late and there’s a vibrant community that still supports the console. Check for Marvel vs. Capcom 2 on Amazon. The title's price has steadily grown over time and now a new in box version can cost anywhere between $400 and $500. Gauntlet legends (creeped up in price over the last year). I do not see it on this list but the Japanese Dreamcast set of Grauen no Torikago games is up there in terms of rarity with the Bangai-O prize edition. Castlevania 3 £320. Check for Mars Matrix on Amazon. Next: 10 Reasons Why The Sega Dreamcast Failed. Someone mentioned Chaos Field. I did buy Tech Romancer last year and I’m hoping to score Cannon Spike and Project Justice before too long…. The Dreamcast version, however did give Darkstalkers’ Morrigan in as a playable character. But if I can find some good info, I’ll work it into a revision of this guide. The game saw its original release in Japan in late 1999, was released in the North America in the summer of 2000, but didn’t get released in Europe until November of 2001. The Maziora Dreamcast was one of the more unique incarnations. He recently completed work on a noir anthology graphic novel titled, "Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Noir: A Rag of Bizarre Noir and Hard Boiled Tales" and he’s currently toiling away on his first novel. Perhaps many Wal-Mart shoppers didn’t keep the case for their games as often? It’s been quite a challenge to find a complete copy under $200 USD, but you can score a bare disc for about $120 USD. The second trend you may notice is that Capcom dominates the top-value domestic releases. A lot of these Capcom gems have really taken off in value over the last few years. Check for Project Justice on eBay What have you seen the Sonic Adventure moving for? The more recent Marvel vs Capcom games have stolen some attention from part 2, but some fans still swear by this installment. Check for Fatal Fury Mark of the Wolves on eBay I’ve got Taxi 2 le Jeu factory sealed. I am selling it on eBay at the moment but I have searched everywhere and haven’t found one anywhere, Your email address will not be published. Though this arcade title also made it to the PS1, the Dreamcast version scores more points in terms of rarity. The most I’ve seen a DC game go for was over $200 and that was Shenmue 2 sealed.

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