vegan apple crisp for one

This one looks fab! So delicious! Thank you! After it baked and was cooking, I asked hubby to bring me some with the coconut ice cream we have in the freezer. It even rivals a non vegan recipe I had at a gourmet restaurant last week which was amazing and inspired me to make apple crisp this weekend. $ billed upfront for one time. Mains, pastas, soups, salads, burgers, appetizers, morning munchies, and even treats. Xx. It's September, it's fall, and it's apple season! I had reservations about making this. (4 tart (like granny smith), 4 sweet (like honey crisp) // organic when possible). Will make it again. They still browned a little, but now they’re waterlogged and lost some flavor. I used half amount of sugar and braeburn apples. We’re so glad everyone enjoyed it! Thanks you for this recipe!! It’s super helpful for us and other readers. I made this tonight and we had it with Trader Joes Vanilla Soy Ice Cream. I didn’t peel apples because I grow my own without sprays and slicing them thin the peels were not noticeable. I would like to make this and read through the recipe. I was thinking about putting the filling on a crust and using the crisp topping instead of the top crust. I have to say this is the best apple crisp I have ever made. Hmm, possibly but the texture won’t be as good. Dana, thank you for all your recipes. I have never used coconut sugar or almond meal before now. Just toast everything in a small sauce pan until it's nice and brown and thick! I made this last night and it was delicious! Seriously delicious :))), Thanks so much for the lovely review, Jo! Thanks so much for the lovely review, Samantha! Don't forget to check out her book for all of the great vegan recipes in 30 minutes or less. 4 inches? Yum! Modified the recipe from Whenever I try a new recipe, I like to follow as it is written, and then make adjustments the next time. We’re so glad you enjoy it, Rachel! I would be just perfect! Once again thank you so much for creating such a wonderful, plant based recipe. I do all Granny Smith apples, I love the tartness. I have traded a bit of spelt flour for the almond meal and switched up the nut type – amazing. I’ve made it 10+ times and every holiday i’m asked to make it again! We think stuffed on Christmas is the way to go =) Let us know how it goes! For the topping, I used 1/2 cup of organic cane sugar only. Oh yes, I think that would work well. And eat it for dinner! By proceeding, you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions. thankfully I have them all bookmarked so I will get to that soon :) ), Thanks so much for the lovely review, Bee! Yum! OMG!! One star docked. Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? Everyone was pleased and LOVED it!!! I know you will agree. This really is the best vegan apple crisp ever. We are so glad you enjoyed this recipe, Molly! Thank you! I followed the recipe to a T and used Gluten Free oats and all-purpose flour for GF folks. The concoction turned out to be a very moist apple crisp bread pudding sort of thing. Just made it, amazing!! and it worked very well. Whoop! I used your recipe but didn’t have almond meal so made my own walnut meal in my vitamix. The first time I made this I used regular white flour, the second time with whole wheat flour. Big hit with everyone in our family. It all worked very well and had a nice texture both of the apples and the crisp. Used a mixture of oils (coconut, coconut w/butter flavor and olive oil). I loooove apple crisp :) I definitely want to give this one a try, it looks delicious! Thanks so much for sharing! I will decrease the spices for the family next time, it was a bit much for my little one – left more for me :) Thanks so much! The flavors are fantastic – have made it with and without ginger depending upon who will be eating. xo. It will be my new go-to recipe. Thanks so much for sharing! Try it. Wow! However, I did not follow recipe to the “t” as I did not have almond flour on hand. Hi! Do you think this would work as a pie? We’re so glad you enjoyed it, Nicole! Just as delicious as all the other reviewers have commented! Seriously, I don’t bake much but this recipe is in my rotation. Add cinnaman and apple juice and fingers crossed. Aw, thanks Cyndi! I added some extra cinnamon and other spices to my taste : ), We’re so glad you enjoyed it, Aly! We are so glad you enjoy it! Just a quick question. Love this one too :D. I made it with shredded coconut instead of almond flour and it came out great! For my taste the filling was too sweet though. Heat the oven to 190C/170 fan/gas 5. The spice blend is just perfect. Need help? This apple crisp looks awesome, but is there a substitute for some of the sugar or an amount where I can decrease and still have a good taste? Love it. It turned into apple sauce. The topping for a sweet tooth like me was too sweet. Very very good! I needed a desert to make for Thanksgiving that wasn’t overly complicated and something i had all the ingredients to make! Peel apples, quarter, remove cores, and use a paring knife to thinly slice lengthwise (see photo). I served it to 6 people and everyone just went nuts over it. My husband and 5 year old didn’t want dinner, they wanted just dessert. But a personal serving? Your blog has literally changed my life. Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? Fall dessert perfection. Then added the flour & egg mixture to the apple crisp, and mixed the two together. Subtly spiced My husband doesn’t feel well after eating something made with oil even though he had no problem with the amount of sugar in it! I think 90% of recipes that my family and I use are from you. Hi Ashley, you could try more oats and flour in place of almond meal! I added date sugar to the apples and the crust, and instead of oil, added almond butter and tahini in the crust. I am wondering about using monkfruit white sugar and brown sugar varieties in this. FYI, don’t be concerned about the filling seeming too watery because of the apple juice and lemon juice. Thank you, Thanks so much for the lovely review, Rachel. Made and baked it in the wee hours and simply popped back in oven at 350 for 20 mins and it was perfect. The changes I made wer as follows. We are so glad you enjoy it! xo. Thanks so much for sharing! Using a 1/4 cup of sugar is more than enough as the apples are already going to bring the rest of the sweetness you are looking for. It was fabulous, moist and yummy. All the Ingredients you can feel good about eating… can’t say enough about it. An introvert with a dash of social anxiety. And it would just be more temptation to gobble all of it down as soon as possible. What kind of apples did you use? We’re so glad everyone enjoyed it! Sweet-tart apples, buttery brown sugar flavor, oat streusel, cinnamon, and less than 200 calories for the whole thing! Thanks so much! The filling was the perfect texture, would stress slicing apples very thinly for even cooking. Just made this weekend for a fall football watching party and it was a hit! Let us know how it goes! Yum! He LOVES apple crisp. Amazing how you do not taste the olive oil–I used 1/2 & 1/2 w/ coconut oil, but might try all olive oil next time for less coconut taste. I love apple crisp and would love to incorporate this yummy dessert for Thanksgiving! If already canned they shouldn’t take nearly as long to bake. We also have a lower sugar version that might interest you: For even healthier apple crisp, substitute the brown sugar for maple syrup, honey, date syrup or another natural unrefined sweetener. And apples are cheap in the grocery store this time of year! Definitely great with pears, pecans and nectarines as well! 2 inches? Vanilla bean infused brown butter (I use Earth balance) which you coat the apples with and a splash of bourbon. Also, guidelines for subbing honey for the sugars? The ingredients came together quickly. Hmm, I’m not sure about subbing in other fruit, especially berries which don’t take nearly as long to bake. How can we get rid of the sugars and the oils??? Simple recipe, with delicious results : ). We wonder if you used a more tender apple? I made this today, great recipe. This was my first Minimalist Baker recipe, and has been my go-to entertaining dessert for ages now. In place of coconut sugar in filling, I used about 1/2 cup of thawed apple juice concentrate–my mom’s old trick for sugar-free–& I doubled the cinnamon cuz we love & helps stabilize blood sugar. Advice for next time? Thanks! So much easier to make than pie, and just as delicious! Thank you!! Meanwhile, make your crisp topping. The coconut sugar works really well in this recipe and adds a certain depth to the overall flavour! If you’re looking for a group of people cooking vegetarian recipes through the seasons, join us on Facebook in our vegetarian and vegan recipes group! I’ve made this so many times and it’s always a hit. It was PERFECT! I used buckwheat flakes in place of oats for one batch, which worked just fine, and doubled the topping recipe for another batch, which was luxuriously decadent:) Thank you for this post! Ingrid. So fun! Thank you for this amazing recipe! Wow.

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