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Also, if both parents agree that the visits should not be granted, the court will typically not award visitation rights to the grandparent. 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Can Loans Made To Divorcing Parties By Their Family Or Friends Be Recovered In A Divorce Proceeding? Protective Orders: What are the Standards? What Are The Limits On My Evidence In Child Custody Modification Proceedings? there is a $250 consultation fee. Unfavorable Orders in Family Law Cases: What Can You Do? Other situations may occur, where the parents may not allow grandparents time with the child, due to family acrimony and parents who try to exclude grandparents from the child. The Key Planning Check List, Potential Key Changes in the Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines. When Does a Trial Court’s Order of Increased Parenting Time Equate to a Modification of Custody? When grandparents petition for time with the child, it is considered visitation time, not parenting time as a non-custodial parent would receive. How, if at all, does this factor into our custody battle? Do I Have To Pay Toward My Child’s College Expenses If We Do Not Have A Relationship? Domestic Law Appeals: Standard of Review and Factual Questions Versus Legal Ones. “Negative” Child Support In Indiana: Fact Or Fiction? How Can I Modify My Current Child Custody Order? South Carolina is a very difficult state for grandparents seeking visitation. Why Do I Have To Fill Out A Financial Declaration In A Divorce Case? Changing Child Support Statutes On Emancipation in Indiana, Child Support And Bonuses: Ways To Factor Regular and Irregular Bonuses Into Child Support, Child Support and Employment: The Boundaries for Job Change. Who Keeps “Tigger” and “Fido” In A Divorce Case? Tennessee laws aim to protect the rights of parents. Indiana Divorce Law 101: Division of Assets Brought into a Short-Term Marriage. Our Sex Tape And Its Impact On Child Custody In Divorce In Indiana, Parent/Child Communication: Keeping the Lines Open. Life is uncertain. Don't Delay! However, there are certain situations in which the court will not want to award visitation rights to grandparents. Making the Most of Parenting Time during the Holidays. Opportunity for Additional Parenting Time: What is the New Standard? practices throughout the state of Indiana. Obviously, the best and simplest way to do this is an agreement between you and your ex, which can be made legally binding by solicitors. Based in Indianapolis and founded in 1995, Ciyou & Dixon, P.C. When Is The Best Time To File For Divorce? Call (951) 222-2228 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation to discuss grandparents’ rights with an experienced legal professional. When Will I Get My Ruling After My Divorce Trial? I understand that if I book a consultation with Ciyou & Dixon, P.C. Expert Testimony from Social Workers: What May be Allowed? Fax: (317) 955-7100 What Can I Do If I Am Being Denied Parenting Time Due To COVID-19? Which Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines Should Be Followed? What is Paternity? How Do We Handle Custody And Parenting Time Exchanges Under The COVID-19 Stay-At-Home Order? What legal grounds do you have if you are caring for a child that is not your own? Child Support Overpayment: Reimbursement Options? What Can A Court Do About Parental Alienation In Custody Proceedings? Can I Recover My Attorney’s Fees In Divorce And Paternity Cases? Texas requires that grandparents meet the harm standard in order to win visitation. What Do I Do, I Lost My Job And Cannot Pay Child Support? What Happens In Child Custody Litigation When A Child Turns Fourteen? The family law attorneys at Ciyou & Dixon, P.C. Grandparents' Rights to Child Visitation if One Parent Dies If one of the child's parents die, then the grandparents, or any other relatives of the deceased parent can file a complaint requesting visitation rights with the child. What Happens In A Divorce Case If My Spouse Wasted Our Money? 3 things the custodial parent needs to tell the noncustodial parent about their children. Grandparent Visitation: Defining the Amount Time, Indiana Cohabitation Agreements and Divorce, The Three Things You Have To Know In Child Custody Modification Cases, Four Tips For Parents In Custody Disputes, Breaking News, What You Need to Know: Indiana Court of Appeals Reverses Trial Court’s Decision Denying Hearing on Grandparent Visitation.

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