what does a couple mean in numbers

Black is regular. The dictionary defines Several as more than two but not many. Then, by his logic, one could state “I only had a few beers” after consuming more than a case. A “Few” means 3 to 6 Don’t complain.”. “Several” means 7 or more. 2 = couple Couple History and Usage. A Few: Here’s where things tend to get confusing. Several is 6, 7, 8, or 9. e.g. Several, according to its dictionary definition means “more than two but not many”, so a few but not a couple. These have no numerical significance. 8-50 = many I always considered black coffee to mean no sugar or cream until I had a customer order a black coffee and assume I knew that it would have sugar in it. I grew up in the Boston, MA area and in that area a few was perhaps seven. What “a few” means to me might be different than what “a few” means to you. In my studies to teach English as a Second Language, we were instructed to explain those terms as: a couple is 2, a few is 3 or 4, several is 5 or 6 and many is more than that. The word was quickly applied to pairs, but by the 1500s, it was also being used in the phrase a couple of to refer to an indefinite but still small number of people or things: I pulled out my trusty smart phone and we began to whittle down our disagreement. ‘Some’ also works for quantities of something, such as ‘some lemonade’ or ‘some rice’. Ahhh. I love language variation. Examples: 101-200 = horde Blessings and “many” thanks. Sorry, no. – Several could be grater than 60% – Many is the majority, say greater than 75%, where the estimator is unsure of the capacity. It had entries like the ones in this thread, but also things like Many, Most, All (represented as varying percentages), etc. How do you put grass into a personification? In particular, that “a few” and “few” are different concepts is a very common question in CSAT. If you want to say an exact amount you would use the number. I know this is an older comment, but what else is regular coffee if not with cream and sugar? It’s regular because you haven’t added anything to it. While that was not how I interpreted it I understood it if we are only talking about color. that there’s no other word to use. As well, depending on the context, “few” (without the “a” preceding it) could mean little to none. 7 = several This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. If the quantity is two when we are talking about people, events or objects, couple is the word that has to be used. We want you to know that we have decided to accept your definitions due to the fell circumstances in which they were decided. Marquette University Law School - Contact Us A few was 3 to 4. Three? What is the contribution of candido bartolome to gymnastics? What does Couple mean? Barton, Some/Several: Again, there is no hard-and-fast rule here. Substitute “innumerable” for “myriad” and see which makes sense. We all know a bubbler and not a fountain is the proper term for the fixture or unit, usually in a public area, you get a drink of water from. When asked, I am asked “room for cream?” Where I am from you doctor your coffee yourself , it is always served black. If you have a couple of options, you can safely assume that you will have to choose between A and B, and only A and B. That line was probably a lot more clever in the 70s, this upcoming generation is shockingly polyamorous. A few bad apples in a barrel might indicate 10 or 20, but a few bad eggs in a dozen might be two or three. About the Blog | Comments Policy. Ten-spot. In my mind this is how I catergorise the means to make sense to me. Some and a group as well as a bunch or many could only be defined in the contest used with a bunch and many considered more. 3 = few Fascinating although sometimes frustrating. Copyright © 2020 Multiply Media, LLC. Several was considered a vague term with 4 to 8 being the accepted meaning. A few in this context being a subjective estimate. All comments must include the first and last name of the author in the NAME field and a valid e-mail address. A couple: Everyone seems to agree that “a couple” means two. A ten. If you’re striving for precision, you might want to specifically list a number.

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