what i learned in medical school

I thought I'd dedicate this post to those lessons. Akhilesh Pathipati is a fourth-year MD/MBA student at Stanford. Stanford University School of Medicine blog. after the loss of a loved one). Sometimes, All You Can Do Is LaughLainie Holman14. Difficult as the regimen may be, for those who don't fit the traditional mold—white, male, middle-to-upper class, and heterosexual—medical school can be that much more harrowing. Finally, medical school (and my simultaneous experience in business school) showed me that doctors have many avenues to improve patients’ lives. I can rattle off the symptoms, mechanisms, and treatments for heart failure, diabetes, syphilis, and dozens of other diseases off the top of my head. 2020 by the Regents of the University of California. The situations we encountered were widely variable – sometimes I worked with patients in need of cultural understanding while at other times the patient simply needed blunt force. I thought I'd dedicate this post to those lessons. Medical School MetamorphosisTresa Muir McNeal9. Poison in My CoffeeHeather GoffPART TWO: SHIFTING IDENTITIES7. This was a dry and boring take on a potentially fascinating topic. ISBN: 9780520246812 I learned a great deal during the preclinical years of medical school, much of which served me well during my clinical training (although I never found a practical use for memorizing the Krebs cycle beyond boards exams). Clinical training was a whole new world, filled with hidden lessons that I didn’t find in any of my textbooks. As a result, medical school forces us to connect with people from every background in many contexts. As it winds down, I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting on what I’ve learned and how I’ve changed over the past five years. Melanie’s StoryMelanie M. Watkins3. I have also grown as a person because it turns out that medical school is about more than learning everything in a textbook. Advanced features of this website require that you enable JavaScript in your browser. With graduation approaching, Stanford medical student Akhilesh Pathipati reflects on what he has learned over the last four years. Their stories will forever alter the way we see tomorrow's doctors. He is interested in issues in health care delivery. In these pages, a black teenage mother overcomes seemingly insurmountable odds, an observant Muslim dons the hijab during training, an alcoholic hides her addiction. Pages: 230 Urology BluesUgo A. Ezenkwele20. Health and sickness are human universals. Because of this I learned about more than just medicine; I learned about myself and my own strengths. From how to quarantine to how to monitor your oxygen levels, a Stanford physician offers tips on what to do if you have COVID-19. ParasympathizingKevin{ths}M. Takakuwa13. There’s no escaping the need to absorb an enormous volume of information. Foreword, by Joycelyn EldersAcknowledgmentsIntroductionPART ONE: LIFE AND FAMILY HISTORIES1. Image credit: Shutterstock.com My NamesDavid Marcus18. There were definitely good parts about medical school — wonderful experiences I could not have gotten anywhere else. This riveting book tells the tales of a new generation of medical students—students whose varied backgrounds are far from traditional. 10. What I Learned in Medical School: Personal Stories of Young Doctors edited by Kevin Takakuwa, Nick Rubeshakin, Karen E. Herzig (University of California Press 2004) (610.711). It will make you proud to know your doctor." Like Everyone ElseKatherine M. Erdwinn21. after having a child) and some of their saddest (e.g. We see people at some of their happiest moments (e.g.

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