when is mating season for cats

The Cat, 2012, pp. Female cats will generally continue to come on heat until they are mated and become pregnant. A cat in heat is usually pretty noticeable. Increased attention to the genital region (licking). This is just another term for a cat being in oestrus or being receptive to being mated and potentially becoming pregnant. Not only is there a risk of her getting pregnant, but there is also a very high risk of her getting hit by a car or getting injured as her only focus is on finding a male to mate with. As the weather starts to become a bit warmer and the days begin to lengthen, entire female cats start to come on call - this is also known as coming on heat or into season. With my cat, who is 10 and ‘complete’, its usually 4 or 5 times each year. If for no other reason, this alone is ample justification for the spaying and neutering of pet cats. Oestrus lasts for 7 to 10 days and there are 3 possible outcomes: The signs of oestrus are mainly behavioural and can include: Some cats are known as 'silent callers' & may display none of the above signs. The p. enalty of non compliance is a fine of $5 000. Dr. Monica Tarantino is a small animal veterinarian based in the Charlotte, NC area with five years of general practitioner experience. The Cat Act 2011 states that cats that have reached 6 months of age must be sterilised by a veterinarian, unless the cat is exempt from sterilisation. Desexing - the medical and behavioural benefits of sterilisation, The cat mates and becomes pregnant. Heat cycles in cats last from several days to two weeks or longer and repeat every two to three weeks. Female cats are not regularly “on heat”, in fact that can happen as few as twice a year or up to 6 or 7 times. Cats are known as a polyoestrus species. There is also a risk of picking up one of the potentially fatal feline viruses (feline Leukaemia or feline AIDS). Home; Pet Care Advice; As the weather starts to become a bit warmer and the days begin to lengthen, entire female cats start to come on call - this is also known as coming on heat or into season. The penalty of non compliance is a fine of $5 000. Cat breeding at this time of the year . Are Cats Still Sexually Active After Spay-Neutering? 6 Ways to Tell If Your Female Cat Is in Heat. The cat does not mate. She will come back in to season 1 day to 2 weeks later and this cycle may continue multiple times unless she is mated or the breeding season ends. Learning about your cat's reproductive cycle can help you plan for breeding purposes or just to ensure that you don't have more pets than you bargained for. Cornell University College Of Veterinary Medicine, 2020, Little, Susan E. Female Reproduction. These include preventing inflammation of the uterus (metritis), uterine infection (pyometra), ovarian cysts and tumours of the reproductive system. She will generally come back in to season approximately 8 weeks after the birth of the kittens (with a range of 1-21 weeks). A female cat that's not spayed can usually begin to breed as soon as their heat cycles begin. A cat can only be exempt from sterilisation if a certificate is given by a veterinarian or the cat is owned by an approved breeder for breeding purposes. The breeding season in cats is practically year-round, running as early as February, and as late as December, but in the western hemisphere, March through September is generally regarded as the breeding season. In the southern hemisphere, that is more likely to be between September and March. In the northern hemisphere, this is generally between the months of March and September.

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